Who is This Guy Called Tom Hua?


So I am no Internet Guru, it is often a surprise to me when I manage to switch on the computer.

The first I knew about a little Chinese bloke called Tom Hua, was after attending a Andrew Reynolds Boot camp in Brighton. Andrew Reynolds, now there is another story.

Anyway, this little Chinese bloke comes on to the stage and starts telling me and a couple of hundred other people in the audience, that he knows of a way to get you started in the Internet Business. Simple he says, all you need are three things to become successful.

Oh really, I think to myself, seen it all before, bought far too many books on the subject, watched too many DVD’s and probably got a couple of t-shirts on the subject.

  1. First, you need a website, now this bloke is a genius, an Internet Business needs a website, even this technophobe knows that.

  2. Second, you need a product. Website, Product, tell me something I did not know.

  3. Finally, you need traffic to your website. Website, Product, Traffic and that’s it. Yes, he tells me. Not only that, he then goes on to to show us how easy it is to start-up! On the big screen behind him, which would be ideal for watching football on by the way. He searches for a domain name on a website called name boy! Then he registers that name on another website called iKeys. So far so good. With his new domain name registered, he hosts it with hostingbay, some Aussie outfit who are pretty competitive.

That’s the website sorted, now for the product bit. He goes to another website called ebookwholesaler, where he selects a product from their list of about 180 eBooks, I noticed one on Colon Cleansing, which might come in useful for the missus. Having selected the product, he clicks another button underneath the eBook, which instantly rebrands the product with his new website details and a couple of affiliate links.

Now I am beginning to think, this looks too easy, there must be a catch somewhere. The eBook is then downloaded to his computer, complete with all his links on. Now here comes the tricky bit, he transfers the eBook pdf thingy to his website hosted by hostingbay using a website called filezilla. Ok, so that is the website and product bit sorted, he then reminds you of the third bit, getting traffic to his website. I knew there would be a catch. Using another website called adwords.google, he sets up a ad with some keywords written into the ad.

Now, this has taken about 20 minutes so far and he had also been talking to the audience as well, so I think I could get this down to about 10 – 15 minutes. Mr Hua then announces that your business is now up and running, what. In 20 minutes you have set up a business and for under $100’s. He also goes onto say that, you can generate more traffic to your website FREE. This bloke cannot be serious, so how much has he earned from this little enterprise?

Quick search on Google and apparently there are over 179,000 blokes called Tom Hua! Hold on, they are all about the same bloke and apparently he is worth a couple of million! This bloke might be worth listening to.


Source by Steve Thornton