Successful Campaigns for Facebook Advertising



Facebook advertising may be one that can give you more opportunities for your online business because of the wide reach it can give you and the more viewers you are making more possibilities of hooking up with. This is because of the hundreds of millions of active users Facebook have of which getting only 0.1% of these as your potential customers, already will be good for your business.

But you have to have a good idea about how to run a successful ad campaign with Facebook since it has really a different platform than with ad methods on the other networks. While doing ad campaigns, it will focus on customers already doing searches related what you are offering, doing ads on Facebook is offering something people that are not really wanting anything but merely socializing and doing conversations to acquaintances.

To make your ad campaign with Facebook successful you have to have a good idea of what type of people can lay interest on your products. This is a turnaround from campaign with the other networks where you make focus on the relevance of your products to those that viewers make searches on the internet.

The type of people who generally are interested to purchase your product is the type that you target and demographic can be furnished by Facebook where you can base your ads on. These data can include user’s ages, genders, likes, interests, and other data where people of these types are generally those who may be interested and can make two way exchanges of ideas which can ultimately lead to sales.

Facebook advertising is all about who you are trying to sell to, of which the general idea is not to make sales as your first objective because this might get your intended customers turned off since they are not on the social site as customers. Socializing is the main idea of getting into Facebook so you converse with your customers by leading them first to your fan page (this is where your ads can lead them to).

After you have identified your target customers with the demographics that you are basing your ads on, the ad copy is the next important thing to think of to make your ad campaign successful. This should also include the headings which should be compelling enough to make viewers click on your ads.

Making your ads well designed or having a good image that can really make viewers click on these, you can have good click through for your ad campaign and make your advertising efforts with Facebook successful. Getting good click throughs will be good for you because Facebook will automatically stop advertisements if you have very low click through rates.


Source by Jason Nyback