Secrets to Creating a Successful Facebook Ad


Facebook has undoubtedly been recognized as one of the most effective marketing tools used by online advertisers today in promoting their goods and services. It is because the very popular social networking site has million of users, more than 500 million of them, which a post made in Facebook can reach to different FB users worldwide.

With this kind of popularity, online marketers saw a huge potential in using Facebook in making their campaign a success. You see, Facebook is widely used and popular among a big percentage of consumers all over the world. One way in utilizing the power of Facebook is by making a Facebook Ad. This platform is great way for your campaign to be known by placing advertisements on the specific range of your target market.

So, how would you start establishing a reputation on Facebook? Here are the keys you can use in creating a successful Facebook Ad. Of course, you would register an account on Facebook. As an account user and advertiser at the same time, you are advised to read the terms and conditions of the site to avoid being suspended or worst, acquiring termination. When you are ready, go to the Create Ad page and enter your desired URL. Your URL is the address of your advertisement page where your traffic will go to.

Next is to select your demographic. This will determine the target market of your advertisement. What is interesting about making your demographic is the ongoing paragraph generation while you are selecting your audience. It also displays the approximate market size for that demographic. Then create your Ad-Copy. Based on the Facebook's guidelines for ad copy, keep your advertisement specific and concise to attract more visitors as more interested viewers are more likely to join your page or purchase your goods. It is highly recommended to upload a photo of your product and include it on the ad copy as this will be your frontliner on the campaign. Keep in mind to have the correct resolution of your image to avoid displaying pixelated photo.

After creating your ad, decide whether you want to have the cost-per-impression (CPM) or the cost-per-click (CPC) route. You must consider your budget and your willingness to spend for a click just to acquire the best ranking. Cost-per-impression or the number of actual clicks your ad receives is a advisable if you are trying to spread awareness since it features a lesser cost. Meanwhile, the cost-per-click route is more effective in advertising than the CPM.

Next is to specify if you want to run the ad continuously or have a specified time of the day. And finally, review your ad and have your payment secured through credit card transaction.


Source by Jason Nyback