MLMs – Perry Marshall Vs Bill Starkey


In the internet marketing world, Perry Marshall is a household word, a guru, a God or at least an expert when it comes to Google AdWords and email marketing. His book “The Definitive Guide to AdWords” is the Bible in the industry. His email marketing courses are the best there are. His small group mastermind sessions are always sold out; his seminars, the same; and you can’t get into any of them without investing 4 figures or more.

So what’s he doing in an article on MLMS? Read on.

Bill Starkey is the CEO of a high tech company selling business communications tools through an affiliate marketing system after having developed many of the tools for large businesses over the last decade. Before that he was a successful real estate investor and before that a successful internet marketer.

Though they seem to be quite different from the short bios above, they have one thing in common – they both had Amway businesses.

If you are subscriber to one of Perry’s email lists, you would have recently gotten a series of emails dealing with his time as an “Ambot”, as calls Amway distributors. These are the people to fall into the Amway cult and work to achieve a dream that few seem ever to achieve. Those who do are made heroes and work hard to convince the others that they can do it, too. Perry was 20 years old, was in for 6 years and left a very frustrated, disillusioned young man.

Bill Starkey, too, entered the world of Amway when he was 20, but something else transpired than did with Perry. Bill became a Diamond Direct distributor, one of the lofty pinnacles all distributors (IBOs, today) strive for. Then, Bill sold his business for approximately $15,000,000 when he was still under 30.

Perry left broke and frustrated. Bill left rich and happy. Both were in the same business, the same “cult”, learned many of the same business building methods, listened to similar training materials and went to similar seminars and rallies. One succeeded and one failed. Why?

Before I answer that question, I need to say that Perry says in the same email series on his “Ambot” experience, that much of the sales training and philosophy he learned in Amway he has used very successfully in his post-A career. In other words, although he was pissed off to the max afterwards, he was wise enough to cull out the wisdom and put it to good use. And he doesn’t have to worry about making his mortgage payments anymore.

So why did two young men, aged 20, go into the same business and come out at about the same time with such different results? Because, they were two different young men. They were different “colors”, or personalities, for those of you not familiar with the “colors” viewpoint when learning about people. You can get some insight into that by following the link in the resource box below.

Perry was an engineer. He was an analytical guy pushed into sales. Bill was a born sales guy who found his niche. Perry took his Amway experience and became a good sales guy, but in a different field. Bill just continued. He built a 2nd MLM business, became a successful investor and then saw software as the next place to be.

These two men illustrate the fact that even in business one size does not fit all. Even though in the Amway business you are taught that “anyone can do it” and more importantly, you are told “You can do it!” Hypothetically, that is true.

The reality of it is that different personalities do things differently and achieve success differently. Trying to get everyone you meet into your business will not work, will frustrate you to no end and probably piss off a lot of people you come in contact with.


Source by Tom Dewell