List Building's # 1 Secret



The secret key to building a profitable internet marketing list is relevancy.

You can do lots of things right: have a great headline, have an outstanding opt-in page, do excellent copy witting but all this can be in vain. If your target market is dog training and everything you do is directed toward dog breeding then you've lost out. You're dead in the water.

Be relevant to the specific targeted market you want on your list.

How do you make sure you are relevant? What does your target market consider relevant?

Do some research. Google your market. Go to related forums. What are they talking about? More importantly what problems do they have that need to be solved? When you can offer a solution to their problem they'll sign up on your list in droves.

Think about the benefits your offer can give to your readers.

Another great way to make sure you are offering relevant content is to ask. Ask people on blogs, and in the forums what their biggest problem is, relative to the target market you are working in.

Again if it's dog training, ask what is the single most difficult area of ​​dog training. Or what are the 3 habits that are hardest for a dog to break. After potty training a puppy what are the next 2 or 3 behaviors that you want your puppy to learn. You get the idea, ask.

List building comes easy when people want the information you're offering. If your information solves a problem, and or offers an important benefit they will want to join your list …. you'll have a hard time keeping them off your list.

List building has many angles. Read as many free ebooks and reports on list building that you can find. If you do not like the information you receive, unsubscribe and move on. But read, and put to use the best information you can find. Read my articles, I always try and provide relevant content to what you need.


Source by Don Clifton