List Building – Your First Step


If you’re new to list building, what’s your first step? Is it writing autoresponder messages? Is it finding places to advertise? Building a squeeze page? Nope. It’s none of them.

List building will be much, much, much more effective if you first decide what niche you want to be in, what web “space.”

How do you decide? It’s easy. Look at who you are, where you’ve been in life, and what interests you.

Maybe you enjoy your profession, and you may want to build a list around that. If you were a banker, for example, maybe you want to help people who have too many debts, how to avoid bankruptcy, or how to shop for investments.

Or, if you’re in the military, what about a short course on how the military is organized? What kinds of jobs are available? Or, you can even write what it’s like to go to war.

Or, your niche might be your hobby. Let’s say you love to knit. You can teach people how to do that, give them instructions on how to do difficult stitches, or even give them your own patterns.

There are tons and tons of things you can write about, but be sure it’s something you know about that will sustain your interest.

If you’re writing a short book of tips on whittling, or how about house training a puppy? Lots of folks would be grateful for that.

The whole thing is that list building isn’t about the squeeze page, it’s about where you want your niche to be. Get GoodKeywords, a free keyword analyzer, and plug in some keywords for your niche. See how many people search for what terms in particular. Do some homework before you start. If nobody wants to know about something, you won’t be able to build a very big list.

Though list building is the most important thing you need to do, don’t build a list around the wrong thing–something that a) doesn’t interest you or b) that nobody else is interested in. When you find a space that makes sense to be in, get to work!


Source by Tellman Knudson