List Building – Writing Feedback Emails to Create Rapport – 1


I believe that writing feedback emails is a driving reason I am so successful marketing to my list. You see, when I use a feedback email, I am doing a few things, all at one time.

I am learning what my list wants to learn more about, so I can provide it to them.

I am letting them see that I am a real person who wants and values their feedback. And when I personally answer their email to me, they see that I am set apart from others online – I specifically interact with them; their email to me doesn’t bounce or tell them to submit a ticket.

So what is a feedback email? A feedback email is one in which I ask my subscribers a question, and I ask them to answer my question in another email. In fact, I ask them simply hit ‘reply’ to the email and just give me the answers that way. This creates an incredible sense of personalization. I am making this correspondence very personal.

Once they have written me back, I read through the emails, and generally about 80% of the emails have a very similar question or two. I write an email back to everyone saying, thank you for your replies, that was really helpful to me. I have received so many responses that it will take me a few days to answer them all; I am going to answer the most common questions in this email, and over the course of the next few days, if I didn’t answer your question in this email, I will personally answer your email.


Source by Sean Mize