List Building With ClickBank Pirate



List building with ClickBank Pirate is quite a debated subject. For those of you that do not know ClickBank Pirate is an automated e-mail marketing system. Now that can be a misleading statement so let me explain briefly. It is the list that is automated, whilst CBP does give away the tools and the training to do so, it is the affiliate's job to add subscribers to the list. Then CBP will set up an autoresponder to sell to these subscribers for as long as they remain on the list.

If you have an interest in affiliate marketing and my guess is that you do, or you would not be reading this, you will at some point have seen the phrase "the money is in the list". When someone joins CBP they begin building a list, so what is the problem? The issue most raised, is that CBP members do not own their list. They never have any control over it, what products will be sold with it, they will never even see it and should they ever leave CBP they can wave goodbye to the list altogether. Understandably, some people feel that this is a very bad thing. But is it really so bad?

When I started internet marketing I knew almost nothing about it so I took out a subscription with ClickBank Pirate and began to build my list using their tools and training. My list is nowhere near the size of the top affiliates but it is steadily getting there. If I was in full control of my own list I would need an autoresponder service which would cost around $ 30 / month for one of the reputable companies. These autoresponder services have a limit to the number of subscribers you may have for that price bracket so all going well, in the near future the cost would increase. Also, even with a good service I would not get any tools with which I could attract subscribers, no training in how to get traffic, I would need to set up my own domain and hosting account which would add more expense and on top of that I would have to find high converting products to promote and write an e-mail series geared towards selling them and honestly, I just do not know how to do that yet.

Maybe in the future I will start to build my own list, but for now I am very happy about not being in control. I pay a set rate every month and could add as many subscribers as I wish without that price changing. Looking at the bigger picture I am paying less and getting much more. So, ClickBank Pirate can keep the list, the money is still in it for me.


Source by Paul R Greaves