List Building – Ways to Use List Building to Boost Your Online and Offline Business


Once you have started list building you may wonder about what you can do with your list to boost business and increase sales. There are many ways that you can use your list, both online and offline. How you use your list is entirely up to you, and will depend on how you do business and what you sell.

1. Email campaigns are a great way to use your list. Use an autoresponder to automate the process, and keep your company in front of your customers and prospects on a routine basis at a low cost.

2. Direct mail campaigns are losing popularity, but are still great for businesses that do local business only.

3. Send out a newsletter to your subscribers either in print or by email once per month. Include special discounts and coupons so that they have a reason to stay subscribed to your list and incentive to come into your store or go onto your website.

4. Get the word out about sales and special promotions without spending a fortune on television and radio advertising. You can use autoresponders for emails, or you can use simple postcards for direct mail. Email will be cheapest or even free, but postcards are fairly low cost as direct mail goes.

5. Surveys help you improve your customer's experience, whether you are working from a brick and mortar business or using ecommerce. Send out surveys to your customers periodically to see what you can do to improve their experience. Send out surveys to your prospects to try to learn why they have not become customers.


Source by Jason A Osborn