List Building – Top 4 "Must Have" Elements That You Need to Have in Your Emails for Year 2011



List Building and Email Marketing does not work anymore, or so they say. If they are referring to the list of customers in which someone keeps sending emails daily just to sell their products, they are indeed correct. Those kind of emails will definitely scared away your subscribers!

It is like talking to an insurance agent friend who just keep talking about buying from her when you meet her every time! In the end, not only she is unable to sell to you, she will most likely lose a friend (you). However, list building does work if you have these 4 elements in your emails. By having these elements, your emails will be looked upon, opened, and read!

1) Unique

People received emails everyday. What makes your emails stands out? Essentially you just want to avoid from being the same, boring emails that other people sends. Having a great headline such as "Do you know who Murder Your Email Marketing Campaign" is way better than "Using Good Email Marketing Strategies". Keep in mind that your Emails need to create a "Stop Sign" that makes your readers stop, read and click!

2) Friendly

In list building, you need to write emails while picturing your subscribers as good friends and not just customers. This will make the customers that there is a sense of belonging and that they can connect with you. People buy not because of the product buy because of you. So, inject more of your personality in your emails! They will definitely keep asking for more!

3) Variety

Instead of just sending emails to sell your products daily, you should mix and match different types of emails. Examples are survey emails, video emails, articles, free resources, and etc. Having your emails not predictable will definitely keep your customers excited and look forward in receiving your emails. This will keep them from saying "Oh no, an email from Jason again. Must be a sales pitch!"

4) Benefits

Your emails have to answer their number 1 question when opening emails. "What is the benefit that I can get from opening and reading your emails?". If there are no benefits, they will not read your emails. It is that simple. Therefore you have to state your benefits in crystal clear fashion. A statement such as "By implementing these steps, you will achieve success and makes money" is too general and vague for your customers' imagination. Instead, you can change it into, "After you have implement these 5 Simple Steps, you can make $ 200 each day and quit your 9 to 5 job in 3 months!" which has a stronger catch phrase that will attract their attention!


Source by Jason T Ten