List Building Tips – 3 Common Mistakes That Will Cause Your List to Ignore You


While the money is certainly in your list, if your list does not open your emails or does not act after reading them, then you will not make a penny. Are you making these 3 mistakes that kill your list and make your subscribers completely unresponsive? Read this article to see the common mistakes people make and the simple solutions to fix them.

List Building Mistake # 1: Abusing Your List

People want good content. They want to be helped, and they want a lot of information for free. If you send them bad information or repetitive sales pitches, you will turn a prospective customer into an unsubscriber.

Solution: give them what they want. Give them some free information. Help them. Encourage them. Ask them what they struggle with and then give them answers. Make them enjoy your emails, and they will look forward to hearing from you again.

List Building Mistake # 2: Over- Hyping Yourself

This is one of the mistakes that makes me unsubscribe from a list in a heartbeat. So many people make their sales pitch sound like an ego-driven, me-first newsletter. This is what I want to tell people like that – I do not care about you. I care about me! Yes, it sounds selfish, but when I allow a stranger to send me emails, I do not do it so I can learn more about them.

Solution: focus, focus, focus on your customers. Do not drag them on your ego trip. Talk to your subscribers in a level-headed, entertaining, but honest way. Make them feel like you had them personally in mind when you wrote the email. Focus on your subscribers, not on yourself.

List Building Mistake # 3: Sending Unrelated Emails

When someone gives their permission for you to email them, they expect to be sent material related to the subject they signed up for. Sending unrelated material will make people ignore your emails.

Solution: only send emails related to your subject. You have to be very careful here. You might think an email is related to your subject (ie sending arthritis tips to someone who signed up to learn about high blood pressure), but your reader may have no use for it. If you send too many emails unrelated to your subject, you may find that they begin to ignore your emails altogether.


Source by Christopher M. Hall