List Building – The Two Key Elements You Must Have


One of the most important factors to online success
is list building. No matter what goals you're pursuing
with your online activities, building a good healthy
contact list is vital for a successful outcome.

List building plays a major role in developing good
relationships with your site's customers, clients and
visitors. It can be used to get more traffic, leads
and sales for your site or business.

For these reasons contact building should be high on your
list of priorities when you're marketing or promoting
on the web. Fortunately, list building is an easy process
that any site or webmaster can quickly set-up as long
as you understand two simple, yet well-proven principles
of list building.

To be really successful, your list building must
incorporate these two key elements. Without these two
main ingredients you will probably find building your
contact list difficult and slow going. So it is worth
your while to fully understand and utilize these
two factors in your list building.

Any list should have these two key elements:

1. Value

Your list should have value. It should offer something
valuable to the one subscribing. It should offer important
information, quality content, special deals / discounts,
and more importantly, it should offer a valuable relationship
or connection to an expert in the subject area of ​​the list.

Subscribers join a list for the benefits it will bring them,
whether it be valuable content, special deals or a connection
to an expert in their area of ​​interest; your list must have
value for the subscribers. They must benefit from joining
your list.

If you're building a list, just write down all the benefits
someone would receive from joining your site or list.

~ Receive important information

~ Get special valuable content

~ Receive special deals / discounts

~ Get training videos / workshops

~ Get timely announcements or news

Make these benefits your main selling points when you're
building your list. Do not forget there may also be a
psychological reason for joining your list – many people
like being part of a group or membership site. It's human
nature, we all want to be emotionally involved with certain
topics or causes, so do not ignore this aspect when building
your list. Everybody likes to feel included – lists can fulfil
this emotional need.

Simply give your subscribers something of value and
you will build your list quickly and easily.

2. Free

Whatever you offer – make sure it is Free. The quickest way
to build any list is to give away free valuable content,
information, videos, reports, ebooks, discounts, prizes …
everybody loves a free gift. Just make them an offer they
can not refuse.

Some marketers argue that giving away free items will attract
the "wrong kind" of customer or subscriber — people that will
never buy anything because they will expect it to be free.
But this has more to do with the nature of your gift and the
kind of contacts you're building; giving away free buying guides
on how to purchase real estate, fast cars, LCD TVs, laptops …
will definitely attract the right "buying customer". If you're
into selling, you just have to adjust your marketing to
incorporate the free element correctly.

Besides, giving away something free is the first step in
starting an ongoing relationship with your subscribers. It
gets the ball rolling. It is one of the most effective ways
to build your list quickly and easily. Just make sure you're
giving away something of value to the person receiving it and
they will turn to you, time and time again, to find what they're
looking for on the web.

So the next time you're building a contact list make these
two key elements the center of your activities. Just remember
"Give them value and make it free" and you should have no
problems with list building.


Source by Titus Hoskins