List Building – The Pros and Cons of Building a List


List building is a really important element of internet marketing. As a matter of fact it is the one and only element that separates common affiliate marketers by real online marketers.

In this article I will show you the main pro and the main con of list building.


The biggest advantage of building a list is that you collect a database of prospects and customers who agree to be contacted by you. This way, you can followup with them in order to close the sale and you can contact them for further promotions and offers.

Beware, this is the only way you can scale your sales process to a real business.

In fact, once you test your sales process and make it work, if you send your prospects through it you get a defined conversion, meaning for instance 2 visitors out of 100 will buy your product.

If the people in your prospects list are 1000 instead of 100, you’ll get 20 sales. Once it works, you can scale it indefinitely by growing your list.


The main con of list building is the work you need to put in it.

You need to set up a squeeze page, to test and tweak it, to manage your prospects, answer their questions, track your results. You need to track how many people subscribe to your list, how many of them read your mails, how many sales you can make in the follow up process rather than on the front end product.

All of this requires a lot of work, which most of the wannabe internet marketers are not willing to do. That’s why you can step up from the mass if you apply yourself onto it.

Aside from your will and consistence to succeed in this list building process, you’ll need a very important tool: an email autoresponder.

You can find lots of autoresponders online, most of them offering a free trial.

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Source by Giovanni Farotto