List Building Techniques – 3 Powerful And Proven List Building Techniques


If you want to make a lot of money online then you need to follow proven list building techniques that are guaranteed to bring you in the best results. The following list building techniques will provide you with all the tools you need to build a very responsive opt in list.

#1 – Use article marketing to build your list. But not just the same old style of writing of submitting articles to ezine directories.

You need to also write articles specifically for other newsletters as exclusive content. You should write one article per week and personally email it to twenty or thirty different ezine publishers. This will create a huge boost in traffic and subscribers for your opt in list.

#2 – Set up and join in on endorsement swaps. This is way better than the average ad swap. Instead of just trading a boring ad, you can get together with a group of ezine publishers and each of you can give your own strong endorsement for each others’ ezine.

This will produce many more responsive subscribers for your opt in list, then just doing the normal ad swap. You should work on doing at least two or three of these swaps per month to add a bunch of new leads to your list.

#3 – Get together with three or four other ezine publishers and create a “lead co-op”.

This is where you and other ezine owners split the cost of advertising your ezines all over the internet. You can buy ezine ads from the other publishers and have the ad go to a single web page where you and your fellow publishers each have a listing for the visitors to join.

The website should offer a huge freebie of some sort and in order to get it, they must sign up for all the ezines listed. This is very easy to set up if you have the patience and really want to build a list very quickly.


Source by Gary Baker