List Building – Step By Step To The Profit Zone!



This is a step by step process to list building.

First you need list traffic. You can achieve this through a variety of methods.

a. Pay Per Click

b. Article Marketing

c. Search Engine Optimization

d. Video – (YouTube)

e. Web 2.0 Social (Myspace)

f. Blogging

g. Viral Marketing (Web reports that spread themselves.)

h. Affiliate Marketing (Let affiliates build your list for you!)

i. Ezine Advertisement

j. Forums (Put your website on your signature line!)

k. Joint Ventures

This is a short, but powerful list of list traffic strategies you can focus on. I suggest you stick with the free ones then use your profits to test the paid ones.

You have list traffic. Now you need to collect those happy customers! The two most popular methods for this are Aweber and GetResponse. These are called auto responders. I personally use an Aweber driven private label called ProSender. It's all the same thing though. It costs $ 20.00 per month. Do not worry right now about other methods. Get your auto responder up and running today. Do not delay!

Now that you have your auto responder set up. Let's talk about bribes. Ethical ones. An ethical bribe is the most effective way of collecting email addresses. Pick out something that is worth a high perceived value, but a very small cost for you. You're going to be giving this away by the boatload! So make sure it's low cost for you.

You have your ethical bribe prepared. Now let's put it together in a nice smooth format. It's called a squeeze page. There are many varieties of squeeze pages, but I'm only going to focus on one and that's the traditional type.

Your squeeze page contains:

1. Header – Make this something relevant with your ethical bribe and the theme of your website.

2. Sub heading – This should also be relevant and now you're starting to lure your reader into the benefits.

3. Benefits! – What's great about your ethical bribe? Why did you choose it? Make sure your ethical bribe is top notch it shows a lot about the quality you deem important. Do not waste your reader's time.

4. Closing statement – Close it off nice and smooth. Stressing the information that must be filled out. Example: "Enter Your First Name & Primary Email Address Below then click on the" Explode My List Profits! "Button and your free gift will be emailed to you.

* Notice we stressed First Name and Primary Email. This matters. First Name will make sure your subscriber is being referred to by his first name and not Dr. Robert Hendrich III. Primary Email because obviously we want our subscriber to read our emails often. I do not suggest you ask for anything more because more information requested has been proven to decrease conversion results. *

5. Thank you page! – Make sure that your subscriber is sent to a thank you page or a one time offer after subscribing. This will ensure you're not running a no profit business.

Follow these steps and you're virtually guaranteed to make profits. It's just a matter of going out there and getting them done. You can do it. Anyone can. Do not make it harder than it has to be.


Source by Christopher Dittemore