List Building – Setup a Blog to Help Build an Email List


If you are looking to start building a list then I can say this, building a blog is got to be the number one way to help you. When you build a blog you don’t need to worry about this and worry about that, you don’t need to know HTML or any coding, all you need to know if how to sign up for blogger.

Blogger is a free blog platform that you can use, once you have this and you have chosen a niche the next solid thing you need to do is select some ClickBank products to promote. After this is done you need to setup an Aweber account and setup your auto-responder series course.

The great thing about blogs is you can start to write about anything you want to that has to do with your market. Driving traffic is easy because Google loves blogs and even more so when you have unique content installed on them as well. Articles and videos with good headlines would be considered great content to use. Make sure that when you are just starting a blog you set out to write 50 unique articles, when you do this it lets the search engines know that hey, we’ve got great useful content over here and they begin to index your pages on your blog.

On you blog you need to be sure to include a freebie giveaway that people can get for free just for visiting your blog. This will help start building up your list and also help you to start building a relationship with your list.


Source by Dennis Anthony