List Building – Sales Funnel Ideas for List Building Beginners II



However I'm still teaching to beginners, and I think that as a beginner you almost do not have the big enough picture to really be able to think about that $ 5000 or so product and the sales funnel to lead up to it, I think that most beginners start out a lot like I did and they start out with a free product and they add a $ 10 product and then they add a $ 47 product in. You know, then they add a $ 97 product. And in that is a fine sales funnel.

The only thing is you're chasing your tail. It's almost like to driving across the country and you do not know where you're going so you getting your car and you drive for a day and you find yourself 500 miles from home and you look around and you say that like to find somewhere nicer and so you drive a while and we find something nicer and you land somewhere else and you continue to do this and then eventually you land on the other side of the country.

Let's just call that your final destination. Now imagine if you knew that your final destination is for example is here in America and you live in Los Angeles and you want to get to New York; now you know what your final destination is. Then you can either get in your car and use a map program online and it tells you exactly how to get there.

You drive there or for a few extra dollars to pay for a ticket you get on an airplane and fly across the country and you are there very quickly. But the only way that you can do that is to know where you're going, you have to know what the final location is. And while I know that it's difficult for you if you've never made any money online to envision selling a $ 5,000 product or $ 500 product or even a $ 250 or a $ 97 product I think that if you can picture yourself at the big end of that or the tiny entrance into that funnel and say, you know my end result is a $ 500 product, who is going to purchase a $ 500 product? So once you determine the demographics of people who are purchasers of that product, then you can create your sales funnel in such a way that you're only attracting people who would eventually buy that high end product.


Source by Sean Mize