List-Building – Recycle for Incredible Results


Want to build a super-mega list, but don’t know how to start? Well…

If you do any kind of teleseminar or a newsletter of some kind, you have a tremendous amount of content, if you think about it. You can use that content to do all sorts of cool things. You can pretty much cut and paste, if you want to submit the content as articles. Or, if your messages aren’t quite right for that, it’s easy to add more content and turn them into articles for list building purposes.

Articles are awesome for list building because you can direct them right to your opt-in page from the resource box. If the people who read your articles like your stuff, that’s what they’ll do–go to your link and see what else you have going at your place, and then, join your list. Plus, articles are distributed and picked up by people all over the Internet, which makes it a great list building tool. You can promote yourself and get people to join your list.

Or, you can start a blog. If you use WordPress and upload it to your own server, it’s free to start one, or you can go over to WordPress and start a free one there, too. There are several places where you might start writing one for free–Blogger, Blog Charm, My Space, and on and on. Blogging would be a new thing for you to learn about, so it’s fine to screw up at first. Just get it going!

The main core of that is: Play to your own strengths.

Go through however many back issues of your newsletter that you have and find tips, recipes, news announcements, reviews, or whatever. Take those and turn them into blog entries. Post every single day of the week, if you can. As you do this, and as you start studying blogging and pinging and everything else more, what’s going to happen? You’re going to start getting ranked in the search engines and indexed because search engines love new content. Then, you’ll get more people reading your blog and joining your list. That’s power list building!

Most of the time, you don’t even need to think. It’s going to be a quick read of the information you want to use, to make sure it makes sense and is still applicable, copy, and then paste. You could develop a whole new traffic source for your list opt-in page, based on all the content you’ve already done.

In the process, that’s going to do two things for you. Number one, it’s going to build your list because you’re going to have a list building opt-in box on your blog. Number two, you’re going to have links, which are your affiliate links.

Number three, you could have AdSense in there or something like that and you could instantaneously–literally overnight–you could have a brand new income stream.

That will allow you to take the existing content that you have and convert it into multiple different types of income streams, including ClickBank affiliate links for certain types of products.

The best thing about all this is that you’re continually building your list and you’re re-cycling words you’ve already written. Professional writers do that all the time. They’ll research a subject, create a book or an article, and later, create another article or book based on the research they’ve already done. So, why not use what you’ve already created to build a mega-list? It’s a smart way to go.


Source by Tellman Knudson