List Building – Make Money From Your List


“How do I make money from my list?” This is a question that I was asked recently by a subscriber who has been on my list for approximately 3 weeks. And here is my response to her question.

It’s important that I give you some ideas to get you beginning to think about monetizing your list – but it’s very important that you begin to think for yourself of ways and methods that you can utilise that will allow you to generate an income from your list regularly.

And don’t be afraid to test out new ideas. That’s the only way you will get a definitive answer to whether something works with your list or not. Keep testing new things.

Now to begin with you will first need to know the kind of income you can generate from your list. In the first few months of list building I was able to generate .85 cents per subscriber from my list. That apparently is a good rate of return.

Since then that income has increased. You could, as a beginner generate as high as $2 per subscriber per month from your list from small ticket products (under $250 each). And if you are not yet achieving this income then it’s a great goal to aim for.

If you’ve been on my list for some time you will know that my preferred method of generating traffic is article writing. 80% of my list is generated from writing articles. Other methods I use are email swaps and advertising in newsletters advertising.


Source by Janet B Cole