List Building – How to Make Money From Your List


This is such a loaded topic. I mean, for most of you, that is why you are in business. You might like bees or gardens or health topics, so you are enjoying what you are doing, but the bottom line is the reason you are online is to make money.

So you want to learn how to make money from your list.

Now the first thing I am going to assume is that you are going to make some kind of a baseline level of income just by building a solid list and following the rest of the steps I have given you, including the concepts I have shared regarding structuring your email campaign. I am also assuming that you have some product or affiliate product you are selling or promoting, so you are already (or will be, when you apply the concepts) making some level of baseline income from your list.

So the types of things that I am going to teach you here are going to involve creating additional levels of income by offering additional products and creating additional streams of income.

Some of the things that you can do to increase your profits are by developing additional products over and above your first product. Once someone on your list buys something from you, they should be funneled into another list where they will be exposed to your next product. If you do not already have a second or third (or fourth) product, start making it. In the meantime, find some affiliate products that match your niche specialty.

One convenient place to find products to sell is the clickbank market place. One thing to note here, before you start selling something, buy it and try it out. Make sure it is worth presenting to your subscribers. If it is not, return it – you will be glad you did not try to sell your list that product.

There are several categories of additional products you can sell to your subscribers after the have they have bought your first product. You can sell them products that have a related or more advanced emphasis than the product that you initially sold them. These are generally considered backend products. You can also sell similar products or products in related areas – generally considered to be cross -selling products.


Source by Sean Mize