List Building – Build Your List with a Great Blog!


Do you know what the hottest marketing technique is today? Blogging. And you may wonder what blogging has to do with list building.

Blogs are great for list building!

Here's what happens: the search engine spider comes to your blog and it's all text. Oh, you may have a picture or two or a video now and then, but pretty much, a blog is text. Spiders love that! Plus, you are constantly providing fresh content in your blog. Write every day!

Search engines are all about that. They love information. That's what they want to present to searchers is information, not sales. Write about your niche in an informational style and use just one anchor text hyperlink in the body of your article and one at the very end.

This And helps you with list building Because …?

Let's say you update your blog every day, and you've used a pertinent keyword in every post you've made. Guess what? Your blog winds up on the first page at Google for that word!

Your blog, which you've updated daily remember, winds up at the top of the search engines for a keyword you've used in every post you've made. That's great because what gets clicked when someone searches? Usually the links on the first three pages, if that. If you're on the first page, the possibility of someone visiting your site is very, very good.

A ton of traffic comes from Google, if you've picked the right keyword to rank for. So, you tell readers something interesting or important in every post. And in every post you put a link to your list building squeeze page. Plus, you've put a list building opt-in box at the top of your blog. You're getting subscribers that way, too.

You may not be that techno-savvy, but if not, hire a freelance programmer to do it for you. It will not cost much. Do not let anything stop you! Getting a blog set up with your list building box at the top is a great way to get traffic, and a great way to be list building.


Source by Tellman Knudson