Life Insurance Sales Scripts That Get You the Policy


Have you ever walked spoken about life insurance to someone at a party? After the common pleasantries they ask you what you do for a living. You mention insurance and your enthusiasm can’t be held back. You share with them the difference between whole life, term and more. After just a few minutes they excuse themselves to get another glass of wine but you notice that their glass was still full.

What happened?

Why didn’t they get excited about protecting their family and loved ones? You mentioned how affordable and easy insurance is to obtain, why couldn’t they jump on board?

Whether you are at a cocktail party or on the phone, most people don’t understand why they should get life insurance. They certainly don’t understand why they should choose you for their insurance needs. Getting prospects to take the leap and invest in life insurance isn’t about sharing with them the great benefits their loved ones will enjoy. It isn’t even about telling them it’s the responsible thing to do! In order to get more people investing in policies, I invite you to consider the following.

  1. Stop Telling – Stop telling people the benefits of insurance. Stop telling them they “should” get it too! People don’t like to be told what they should, they like feeling as if they have made the right decision on their own. Don’t even tell your prospects about the difference types of life insurance, the terminology is too confusing. Instead of telling them, merely pique their interest on the benefits of insurance.
  2. Ask Interest Piquing Questions – Life insurance can be a touchy subject. People don’t like thinking about their mortality or what will happen when they are gone. Before preying on their fears of what will happen, consider getting them to “see” the benefits without telling them. For example, you could ask a prospect “would 1 million of coverage for $39 help your family in their time of need?” Or “what if it only took 15 minutes to find out how to protect your family, would that be worth your time?”. No selling, no telling, just interest piquing questions that will bring the worthy prospects to the front of the line.

Selling more life insurance policies isn’t always about making more phone calls. When you put life insurance sales scripts into action that pique interest and get prospects to want to find out more the best customers will take action today.

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Source by Todd T Bates