Facebook Social Ads – The Demographic Pay Per Click


In the world of online marketing, one impressive dynamic most people believe Google has cornered is the Pay Per Click advertising. Although Google AdSense and AdWords are incredible and impressive methods of generating traffic and income, Google now has competition. Facebook is running a newly released Pay Per Click Program that can be specified down to the target demographic, something more specified than available through Google. The obvious intention of the Facebook Social Ads program is to rival the Google PPC program, and the design of the program is poised to do just that.

Many online businesses seek a quick return for their advertising dollar, and pay per click programs is ideal for this. The Facebook Social Networking group identified this, and has chosen to create an impressive pay per click program, that will maximize the advertising dollars by combining click quantity with click quality. The combination promises to be explosive for the online marketers and those maximizing on the Facebook Flyer revenue. As many companies will flock to the demographic designed flyer program, an equal number of people willing to share the advertising space will grow by leaps and bounds, as occurred shortly after Google introduced the pay per click option in volume.

The world-renowned social network has newly released its pay-per-click program with cost-per-click as well as cost-per-impression fee structures. The attractiveness of advertising through a social network is the ability to choose particular target demographics. Should you not know who your intended demographics are, you are able to utilize Facebook to identify an audience acutely likely to take advantage of your ads. Before a marketer even lists their ads with Facebook Social Ads, the advertiser can use their demographic identifying search and Facebook Polls and see how the pay per click campaign can expand and demographically target the total possible audience available to market to.

Facebook has created an easy, customer friendly interface, which is incredibly simple to comprehend. The reporting given to the marketing client includes the complete demographic data, ad performance, trends related to the ad, and how many clicks generated. Facebook Flyers Pro is designed to be the most complete user friendly, marketer friendly program currently available, although the program is still new to the marketplace it is poised to be a true Google competitor. It is set to create a broad foundation for marketing opportunities, with a target for the home-based businesses.

The volume potential for the Facebook PPC vs. Google is huge, primarily because the Google PPC program is designed to reach an incredibly broad audience, with little discrimination as the ads appear above the standard search results. In theory this would be a prudent application, however if the demographic can be further narrowed, as is possible with the Facebook Pay Per Click, the quality of the click will expand the participating businesses significantly as those clicking will be specific to where they would like to see business generated. And those who fit into the specified demographic may be more interested in purchasing services and products from the companies involved.


Source by Zvi I Gat