Facebook Paid Advertising – Pay Per Click Secrets


Internet marketing can be similar to traditional business marketing because you are also offering your products to potential customers who will likely buy it. The only difference would be the way you offer your products and the different strategies you apply to make your advertising campaign successful.

In online business, the pay per click advertising campaign can be a good option as a means of promoting your business. However, you need to apply the right strategies to get the business returns just like in traditional advertising.

Facebook paid advertising can be this viable option. Website owners have recognized this social networking site as a good advertising venue because of the millions of users going to Facebook and readers not only spend minutes reading but up to several hours.

However, the strategy you have to apply in Facebook paid advertising may not be similar to your search engine campaign. In SEO campaign, you have to know how much you can afford to bid for a keyword.

Before you start your Facebook PPC campaign, you have to know how much you can afford to bid for a keyword. Higher ranked keywords, particularly in Facebook paid advertising, can be more costly as these are the keywords that give high traffic.

A better strategy could be to target a large number of keywords which are lower ranked and less popular as these are less expensive. But using this large number of keywords as a group can probably give you a large amount of traffic and this can cost you less.

These relevant but no so high ranking keywords can cost you much less than the top ranked ones. However, bidding for a number of these keywords can still give you a larger volume of traffic and you may have realized a lot of savings.

However, it can be harder to manage a large number of keywords. To thoroughly analyze your PPC campaign, you have to track your listings.

With your Facebook paid advertising, you have to know which keywords are giving you the needed traffic. Since the relevant keywords should be tuned to readers' likes and interests, the need for tracking these keyword listings is of high importance.

You have to keep in mind though that starting your pay per click advertisement on Facebook does not require you to have a software program to help you in the set-up. You need only to know the cost per click you can afford for the relevant keywords.

And you have to remember also that bidding for low ranking keywords can fit your budget easily. But using more of these low ranked keywords can generate you the needed traffic for your PPC campaign.


Source by Jason Nyback