Facebook Ain’t Google


Facebook recently opened up an entirely new world of target marketing but if you try to make it work like Google PPC you’re going to get killed.

The Google Mindset

Let’s first talk about the Google mindset. Google is a search engine, a guide to the vast internet. In general people use Google for one reason, they are looking for something. These people are in a hunt mode and they trust Google to lead the way either with organic listings or relevant ads. For example if someone is looking for a woman’s leather coat they type in “woman’s leather coat” and boom the choices are laid at their feet. Now if your an advertiser there are several things you should do to lure that customer to your site

  • Create an Ad that uses “Woman’s Leather Coat” in the title and the body copy
  • Pick keywords directly relating to woman’s leather coat
  • Write copy that compels them to click on the ad
  • Send them to a relevant landing page

Get these things write and you could see a descent return on your investment.

The Facebook Mindset

Facebook is a completely different animal, people socialize in this world they aren’t looking for things, they’re interacting with their friends. The thing that makes Facebook so powerful is the thing that makes it so weak – groups are not keywords. Lets take the woman’s leather coat example.

  • No one on Facebook is actively looking for a woman’s leather coat, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there it just means their minds are not focused on woman’s leather coat.
  • On Facebook you don’t pick keywords you pick groups and there is no group for leather coat, leather, or even coats.
  • Unlike Google ads, key words aren’t highlighted because there are no key words.

So the question is how do you target your customer? You think laterally, think sideways, think like customer Sally Smith. So your ideal customer is fashion conscious, has the money to buy a leather coat and maybe a bit edgy. Hum, how about targeting groups that include people that like:

  • Project Runway
  • Fashion
  • American chopper
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • LA Ink

Next you narrow down the group by demographics:

  • Female
  • Aged 30 – 45 (more likely to have the discretionary income)
  • and maybe moderate and liberal political views

So using the scenario above we have now focused our ad on a group of approximately 4,060. Facebook is a social place, it’s all about people so what we want is a photo of a woman in the mid age range of our group wearing a stylish but somewhat edgy leather jacket. People pictures should always be your first choice for an image instead of a banner. Next the ad should be conversational not selly. The more focused your copy relates to this group the better. Maybe you regionalize the ad. For example:

People Love My New Jacket

I get so many compliments on my new leather jacket. Chicago winter nights can be cold but my new jacket keeps me warm. Coatworld.com

Finding the right combination is going to be a tough egg to crack on Facebook but if you can the rewards are going to be huge. As Ed Dale from the Immediate Edge says “It’s a Facebook Gold Rush”. Facebook is the new marketing frontier, let me know what works for you.


Source by Norm Lanier