Facebook Ad Traffic



Facebook List Building PPC Ads

(You really may want to start here because it’s lower risk, less competition than Google)


· 400,000,000 Registered Users

· 39,000,000,000 page views a month

· Only >1% of online marketers are promoting on Facebook Currently

· If Facebook where a country they would be the 6th most populated in the world

· The average person spends 19 minutes on Facebook compared to 10 seconds on websites overall

· 1/20th the cost of Google

· 1/20th the advertisers of Google

· Highest level targeting

· just added 1 billion profiles to the public search engines for massive exposure for your ads

· Display PPC Marketing NOT Search PPC Marketing like Google

· Creating Titan Email to Compete with Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail…

· **In Development of a Search Engine where they can target every user differently/separately and own Operating System**

User Demographics

Your Mission:

“To Create Relevant, Appealing Ads That Still Get The Sale.”

Define a “Singular” Goal:

Facebook User Age Groups %

13-17 11.00%

18-25 33.00%

26-34 25.00%

35-44 18.00%

45-54 9.00%

55-65 4.00%

1. Get a Lead (This is what Facebook is Best for)

2. Make a Sale

3. Brand Your Product

4. Brand Yourself (For **Free** with “no call to action” but exposure to your market)

What to be Extra Careful of:

· No Misleading or Offensive Ads

· No Slick Ads or Too Engaging

· Use Upper and Lower Case Letters Properly (No All Caps)

· Use Correct Spelling and Grammar (No Slang, No Symbols, No Abbreviations)

· Write Complete Thoughts (No,…….)

· NO Misleading Discount Offers

· Don’t Use Irrelevant Images

· Must Be Positive and Upbeat (Can’t be Offensive)

What Must Your Ads Include?

1. They Must Engage User

2. Define your Goals

3. Call Out Your Audience

4. Show a Single Benefit

5. Keep User Experience in Mind

6. Must Not be Slick or Too Engaging

7. Compelling Title (25 Characters, Add a Question Mark if Possible)

8. Compelling Body Text, Make ONE Big Promise(135 Characters)

9. *Compelling Action Image* (Tell a Story, Grab Attention, “Smiling Faces Get Clicks”)

10. Use Text On Your Images (Carefully)

11. Promise that MUST be delivered quickly on Sandwich Page

12. Be conservative in the beginning (Be Obvious or Ask a Question In Body and Answer on the Capture Page)

13. Tweak Ads if Not Getting at Least 2% CTR After 2 Days (May Need to Tweak Targeting or Actual Ads)

14. Have a Strong Call to Action

Facebook Landing Pages

(Sales-letter’s and Squeeze Pages Don’t work to Well with Facebook because community will protect it)

*Option #1: Sandwich Page

· Easily consumed piece of promised content with the #1 Voodoo Ninja Secret you promised (successful transaction)

· Congruency is important with pages in your funnel

· Allows you to give value without slowing up the sales process

· Free-line is about quality not quantity

· Sends you over to sales letter (slippery slope you just slide right down) an be used to give the tip and lead to the optin form or sales-letter when used with ad on Social Media website. Optin form goes directly to sales page where they can buy

· Make sure all pages look the same (same header and all)

Why a Sandwich Page Works?

· A Confused Mind ALWAYS Says NO

· What is Their Road Block?

· Requires a One Paragraph Answer

Option #2: Info Squeeze – Polling Data/Calculator

· Increase your optins for Social Media (non-hype)

1. Are you male or female

2. Get your resting heart rate


Option #3: Facebook Fan Pages

· Trusted but lose too much control.

· Can drop optin form here.

· Fan of Product, Person, Cartoon, Opportunity, etc.

Running a Successful No Click Ad

· Bad Ad Copy

· No Call To Action

· Best Branding Pic

· $20 Daily Budget

Targeting – 25 Ways

1. Keywords, Age, Location and Radius (City Level, State Level, Country Level, Radius Level), Sex, Education Level, Education Status, Workplace, 22 Copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved. Inverse Universe Training. Companies, Graduation Years, College Major, 10 Year High School Reunion, Relationship Status, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Interests, Books, Birthday, Relationship Interests, Connection, Networks and Friends.


3. Don’t Go Below 50,000 targeted people at first

4. CTR below 2%, tighten your targeting

Special Targeting Ideas:

Over 1 Million Facebook Users Had a Birthday Today:

· “Hey its your birthday, why not treat yourself to ******?”

College Major:

· “History majors, having trouble finding a job?”

Ten Year Reunion:

· “Ten year reunion coming up? Why not lose ten pounds before your reunion? Click Here to find out how.

Company Employees:

· “Attention Dell employees, 50% discount this week on “X” product.”

Business Opportunity

· “H.S. Dropout Makes $1.2M.” See proof of a high school dropout that made $1.2M in 9 months online – Without any JV partners – Click to see the “Bad News.” (Bad News will increase Click Through because it establishes honesty and trust.)

Bidding and Budget

1. $20.00-$50.00 Daily Budget

2. Run my ad continuously starting today

3. Pay For Clicks (CPC)

4. Only Pay for “1000” Impressions (CPM) when you are getting really high (CPC) or a high Conversion Rate on your ads

5. Max Bid (0.20-0.33)

6. To test ROI CPC range bid low for two days and then high for two days and compare conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

· Growing by 350,000 new users a day

· May be the Advertising Medium of the Future

· Can Help you Maximize Your Winners

Blog Opt-in

· Include Optin form under blog post

· Use instantslideup.com or ultimatefooterad.com


Source by Jesse Doubek