Characteristics of a Successful Facebook Ad


To date, Facebook holds roughly 14 million users and the number just keeps shooting up like bacteria. If Mark Zuckerberg was president and Facebook was the country he was ruling, he would have perhaps the third largest country in the whole world next to India and China.

Taking that fact and using it to your marketing advantage, 14 million users translates to 14 million potential customers that might be interested – or if you are lucky, might just buy – your products or the services that you are trying to promote online. But while millions and millions of people are in Facebook every single day, there is one catch for every online marketer out there – how to find them.

Because of its relatively new approach, the Facebook advertising platform is one of the most interesting and encouraging online territories to explore. The advertising platform of Facebook is unique, since it lets an advertiser display small thumbnails of ads at the right sidebar of the user profiles and pages.

Compared to Google AdWords, the advertising layout of Facebook is way behind. However, Facebook and Google AdWords are two completely different advertising worlds hence comparing the two is impractical and a total waste of time to begin with.

Several advertisers have braved to place their ads on Facebook in the hopes of tapping into even just a portion of that 14-million audience. But among the many who dared, only a few came out successful in the end.

How did they do it? Well here are some of the things that some of the most successful Facebook advertisers had in mind when they were waging their Facebook ad campaigns.

  • A clear target

The great thing about Facebook ads is that it gives the advertiser the freedom and the privilege to narrow down its ad requirements into certain targets, whether by geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace, and keywords. Remember that demographics are clear-cut, so it is up to you how you will maneuver the data to work for your advantage.

  • A strategic plan

The next logical thing to do once you have made your target is to think of ways to attract and engage your target. You need to decide if you want to bring the Facebook users to your own website or to a Facebook profile or Fan Page dedicated for your products or services.

You need to come up with a plan on how to engage and lock your target down so that your ad campaign will be effective.

  • A budget

Of course, no one goes into war without enough ammunition and I'm not talking about. Facebook advertising works a little similar with Google AdWords in terms of having to bid for keywords and compete in order for your ads to be shown, and you clearly need a budget for that.


Source by Jason Nyback