List Building – 3 Steps How to Start Your List Building Campaign


You probably know by now that at the heart of almost any Internet marketing campaign is a good list building campaign. Creating a list is actually very easy, if you know how to properly position or layout your own website so you can gather as many lists as possible.

For one thing, and honestly not all Internet marketers out there are aware of it, that it should be very easy for your site’s visitors to sign up to your list. That is why here are a few things you can keep in mind to make your website perfect for a list building campaign.

1. Put an opt in box.

This is very basic. But not only should you put an opt in box on your site, you must carefully choose where to place it. Should you put it right next to the header? Perhaps on the sidebar. Maybe the footer would be a better choice. In usability studies, it shows that people usually pay much attention on the upper fold of the website. What this means it is probably best that you place your opt in box on the upper part of your site so that people will not have to scroll down just to see or even notice it.

2. Give people a good reason to sign up.

Your list building will not be effective if you do not offer value to your visitors. Because it is all very simple. Why should they give you their email addresses if they think you have nothing good to offer them? They would not be willing to go through all the effort of typing their email details on your opt in box just because you told them to. Give them some freebies like an eBook or a report. Just anything that will entice them to sign up.

3. Be consistent on what you tell them.

If you told them you will not be sending out emails on a daily basis, stick to your promise. Never break it because the last thing you want is for your email to be put into the spam section.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List Building – Top 4 "Must Have" Elements That You Need to Have in Your Emails for Year 2011


List Building and Email Marketing does not work anymore, or so they say. If they are referring to the list of customers in which someone keeps sending emails daily just to sell their products, they are indeed correct. Those kind of emails will definitely scared away your subscribers!

It is like talking to an insurance agent friend who just keep talking about buying from her when you meet her every time! In the end, not only she is unable to sell to you, she will most likely lose a friend (you). However, list building does work if you have these 4 elements in your emails. By having these elements, your emails will be looked upon, opened, and read!

1) Unique

People received emails everyday. What makes your emails stands out? Essentially you just want to avoid from being the same, boring emails that other people sends. Having a great headline such as "Do you know who Murder Your Email Marketing Campaign" is way better than "Using Good Email Marketing Strategies". Keep in mind that your Emails need to create a "Stop Sign" that makes your readers stop, read and click!

2) Friendly

In list building, you need to write emails while picturing your subscribers as good friends and not just customers. This will make the customers that there is a sense of belonging and that they can connect with you. People buy not because of the product buy because of you. So, inject more of your personality in your emails! They will definitely keep asking for more!

3) Variety

Instead of just sending emails to sell your products daily, you should mix and match different types of emails. Examples are survey emails, video emails, articles, free resources, and etc. Having your emails not predictable will definitely keep your customers excited and look forward in receiving your emails. This will keep them from saying "Oh no, an email from Jason again. Must be a sales pitch!"

4) Benefits

Your emails have to answer their number 1 question when opening emails. "What is the benefit that I can get from opening and reading your emails?". If there are no benefits, they will not read your emails. It is that simple. Therefore you have to state your benefits in crystal clear fashion. A statement such as "By implementing these steps, you will achieve success and makes money" is too general and vague for your customers' imagination. Instead, you can change it into, "After you have implement these 5 Simple Steps, you can make $ 200 each day and quit your 9 to 5 job in 3 months!" which has a stronger catch phrase that will attract their attention!


Source by Jason T Ten

List Building – Tips on Creating and Maintaining Good Lists


An internet marketing business will never survive the tough and fierce competition if they do not have the ability to create and build a group or community of loyal customers. Customer loyalty is one of the most difficult aspects of a business that takes so much time and effort to build and maintain, so if you want to learn how to build a list of loyal and trusted customers, then this article is for you.

Here are some tips that you need to remember on how to build a list:

o Remember that you are making an opt-in list, so you need to use every effective strategy you can think of to get people to willingly join your list. You can take advantage of the opportunities that article or blog marketing can provide for you such as increasing traffic rates, subscribers, and of course better site rankings.

o You can also post in forums and create accounts in social networking sites to be able to build good relationships and gather subscribers to visit your online business. Some of the major social networking websites are Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace so take the time to learn about these and use them to your advantage.

o Never forget to provide a link at the bottom of your emails that allows your subscribers to unsubscribe from your list. This may be a negative result for you as the internet marketer, but this gesture shows that you respect the decisions of your seller and prevents them from spamming your emails.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List Building – 5 Ways to Build Your List With Twitter


Twitter is a social networking site which allows users to post micro blogs about what they are doing at the moment. Within a short time, the site has become hugely popular. People use it to connect to friends and family. And internet marketers use it to attract prospects and develop relationships. If you want to use Twitter to build your list, follow the following 5 ways.

1. Build a focused profile: Define who you are before you start developing your tribe on Twitter. Define what solutions you are providing, which area you are going to focus on and what kind of people you want to attract. Once you determine this, stick to it. Having a confused positioning or a broad positioning will dilute your efforts.

2. Provide valuable content: As a marketer, you need to provide valuable content to your audience. It is not about sending personal messages but about sending messages that help your audience. So give links on news in your industry, links which might be of interest and any other related content. If you give valuable content, more people will start following you.

3. Be consistent: Twitter is a medium you need to use often if you want to see results. Use the 90-10 rule. 90% of the time, send content which is useful to your audience and 10% of the time, direct people to your blog or your sales page with offers of products which might benefit them. So long as you are focused on a specific niche, you will see results happening consistently.

4. Connect with the movers and shakers: If you want to grow your followers in a short time, you need to connect with others who are already the leaders in your niche. Use the Twitter search feature to find out other people talking about the same topic as you. Those who are sending out more tweets and relevant tweets are more likely to be the movers and shakers. Become their followers and gradually develop a relationship with them.

5. Use tools: The basic Twitter website only allows you to post your messages and do some basic actions. However, there are several useful utilities that integrate with Twitter and allow you to do more with it. For instance, use the twitter friend adder to make hundreds of friends on auto-pilot. Use the tweetlater tool to set up auto-reply messages whenever someone becomes your follower. And there are several other useful tools.

Follow the above steps and also remember not to spam other people. Maintain etiquette and basically develop friendships.


Source by JB Cole

List Building – Creating a Customer Base


When people first start delving into Internet market, they often ignore the importance of list building. Though it might not be an initial concern, those who stay with Internet marketing long enough realize that building an email list of potential buyers for products or services can help with current and future marketing campaigns. There are factors involved in building customer lists, however, that need to be considered if you want to receive maximum benefit from them.

In Internet marketing, list building is about finding people who willingly give you permission to email them about various topics. The very first part of this task is to find the people, and once they are found you need to convince them that it would be to their benefit to opt in to your mailing list. Simply telling them that it would be beneficial is not enough; you have to give them something for their trouble. Free reports that give them valuable information related to your niche are probably the most popular and effective ways to do this.

Initial list building is important, but what is equally important is how you treat your growing list. One rule that successful Internet marketers use is to provide the people on your list with more value than requests. Send your list useful information on a regular basis and they will be much more likely to buy the products that you promote every once in a while. Build their trust and their respect, and be sure that the products and services that you do promote will live up to your promises.


Source by Mark A. Abrahams

Article List Building – List Building Using Articles


When building your list using articles it is important to remember

to keep the wording simple, the article short and the subject as

close to the point as possible in order to keep the sentences

flowing and your reader interested.

Building a highly responsive opt in list of targeted customers is

easy using articles because the people who are opting in to your

list are requesting more information about your area of expertise

based on what they have already learned of you by reading your


Some people advertise affiliate products in their resource box at

the conclusion of the article and do quite well in terms of profits.

However, this is a list building article, so the primary objective is

to give your reader a reward for sticking with you and to give

them something for free that will be a value to them for life and

can very well be charged for as a product if you weren’t giving it

away for free.

This will add countless more subscribers to your list simply by

providing good quality content and giving them your best selling

product or course away as an ebook that they can download and

use immediately.

When using articles for list building, remember to choose your

keywords wisely. Article directories like this one will allow you to

choose the most appropriate category and then to name your

article with a title that includes your keyword.

This will ensure higher placement in the search engines as well as

more of a targeted acquisition of subscribers. Also, you can include

your articles on your main web site.

You can also use all of your articles and make them into a single

course to sell and make profits. Combining about 10 articles on a

single subject of good content that provides value to the reader will

do quite well in terms of sales.

Using high ranking article directories to publish your articles in will

increase the perceived value of your product and the caliber of your

expertise in the niche.

Remember to download the free ebook at the bottom of this article

in the resource box to learn how to build your list for free.

Happy list building!


Source by Gary Baker

List Building – Top 10 Ways For List Building


The following are the top 10 ways of building your list.

1. Site optimization: This is one of the steps to make your site more search engine friendly. Basically, you choose the right keywords in the Meta tags and site description.

2. Content optimization: this is a related aspect of site optimization. You need to use the relevant keywords in the content so that the search engine is able to give you better organic rankings. Make sure you use the keywords in the titles and anchor texts.

3. Directory listing: This also helps to get you better rankings in search engines as compared to getting traffic for your site. You need to submit your URL to several site directories which are like yellow pages on the internet.

4. Forum marketing: Find out related forums and become a member. Start contributing good ideas and help people to solve their problems. As you become a popular member, more and more people will like to find out about you and will click on your link in the signature.

5. Blogging: Write a blog and give links to your site. The internet works on content. So if you do not have a lot of content on your site since it is a sales site, the blog will help to attract with the content. You can also list your blog in blog directories.

6. Article marketing: This is another content driven strategy which attracts people from article directories to your blog or to your site. You need to write original content to attract quality visitors.

7. PPC advertising: Pay per click advertising can also help to build you list since you can directly pay for the ads you publish on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. You will need to experiment with your ad copy to improve results.

8. Video marketing: Creating videos and posting them on You-Tube can get you a lot of visitors. You can even embed those videos on your blog. Make sure you add in the correct tags and place the video in the right category.

9. Email marketing: You can purchase solo ads with several networks which have a large list. Direct email messages are the most powerful way to build your list.

10. Social bookmarking: This is one of the most popular and fast way to build links to your site in a viral fashion. Sites like Technorati, Digg and StumbleUpon allow you to bookmark your site URL and share it with friends. This can spread your URL in an exponential way.

Apart from the above, there are other ways of list building like social networking, joint ventures, and many more.


Source by JB Cole

List Building – Ways to Use List Building to Boost Your Online and Offline Business


Once you have started list building you may wonder about what you can do with your list to boost business and increase sales. There are many ways that you can use your list, both online and offline. How you use your list is entirely up to you, and will depend on how you do business and what you sell.

1. Email campaigns are a great way to use your list. Use an autoresponder to automate the process, and keep your company in front of your customers and prospects on a routine basis at a low cost.

2. Direct mail campaigns are losing popularity, but are still great for businesses that do local business only.

3. Send out a newsletter to your subscribers either in print or by email once per month. Include special discounts and coupons so that they have a reason to stay subscribed to your list and incentive to come into your store or go onto your website.

4. Get the word out about sales and special promotions without spending a fortune on television and radio advertising. You can use autoresponders for emails, or you can use simple postcards for direct mail. Email will be cheapest or even free, but postcards are fairly low cost as direct mail goes.

5. Surveys help you improve your customer's experience, whether you are working from a brick and mortar business or using ecommerce. Send out surveys to your customers periodically to see what you can do to improve their experience. Send out surveys to your prospects to try to learn why they have not become customers.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List Building – Article Marketing Plus List Building Equals Money


If you are new in internet marketing, you would often hear experts in this field advising you to build your list over and over again. It is of great magnitude to have a powerful list of targeted potential customers in order to accomplish your goal of making surefire money out of your internet marketing efforts. List building can never be effective if you won’t use a combining method for the realization of your ideals. Article marketing when combined with powerful list building efforts can really drive real money flowing in to your site and later on to your bank account.

Tip # 1 – Finding websites and article directories is not enough. You have to find article sites within your niche that has a strong impact on the prospects that you are targeting to be your own clients in the near future. Choose the top article directories with your intention to make a strong push for the success of your article marketing endeavors.

Tip # 2 – Never request readers to subscribe to your products or service. If you do this, there is a great chance that you would “shoo” them away from you and what you are trying to promote. What you need to do is to tell them why they need to subscribe. In a very strong but powerful statement, tell them what benefits will they obtain once they subscribe. This should always be part of your resource box.

Tip # 3 – Let your readers crave for more from you. This is one of the most effective article marketing strategy because a reader hungry for complete information would eventually become a buyer so as to get the information that she wants. This is the reason why you should not mention all the answer to some questions in your free article.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List-Building – Recycle for Incredible Results


Want to build a super-mega list, but don’t know how to start? Well…

If you do any kind of teleseminar or a newsletter of some kind, you have a tremendous amount of content, if you think about it. You can use that content to do all sorts of cool things. You can pretty much cut and paste, if you want to submit the content as articles. Or, if your messages aren’t quite right for that, it’s easy to add more content and turn them into articles for list building purposes.

Articles are awesome for list building because you can direct them right to your opt-in page from the resource box. If the people who read your articles like your stuff, that’s what they’ll do–go to your link and see what else you have going at your place, and then, join your list. Plus, articles are distributed and picked up by people all over the Internet, which makes it a great list building tool. You can promote yourself and get people to join your list.

Or, you can start a blog. If you use WordPress and upload it to your own server, it’s free to start one, or you can go over to WordPress and start a free one there, too. There are several places where you might start writing one for free–Blogger, Blog Charm, My Space, and on and on. Blogging would be a new thing for you to learn about, so it’s fine to screw up at first. Just get it going!

The main core of that is: Play to your own strengths.

Go through however many back issues of your newsletter that you have and find tips, recipes, news announcements, reviews, or whatever. Take those and turn them into blog entries. Post every single day of the week, if you can. As you do this, and as you start studying blogging and pinging and everything else more, what’s going to happen? You’re going to start getting ranked in the search engines and indexed because search engines love new content. Then, you’ll get more people reading your blog and joining your list. That’s power list building!

Most of the time, you don’t even need to think. It’s going to be a quick read of the information you want to use, to make sure it makes sense and is still applicable, copy, and then paste. You could develop a whole new traffic source for your list opt-in page, based on all the content you’ve already done.

In the process, that’s going to do two things for you. Number one, it’s going to build your list because you’re going to have a list building opt-in box on your blog. Number two, you’re going to have links, which are your affiliate links.

Number three, you could have AdSense in there or something like that and you could instantaneously–literally overnight–you could have a brand new income stream.

That will allow you to take the existing content that you have and convert it into multiple different types of income streams, including ClickBank affiliate links for certain types of products.

The best thing about all this is that you’re continually building your list and you’re re-cycling words you’ve already written. Professional writers do that all the time. They’ll research a subject, create a book or an article, and later, create another article or book based on the research they’ve already done. So, why not use what you’ve already created to build a mega-list? It’s a smart way to go.


Source by Tellman Knudson