List Building – Sales Funnel Ideas for List Building Beginners II


However I'm still teaching to beginners, and I think that as a beginner you almost do not have the big enough picture to really be able to think about that $ 5000 or so product and the sales funnel to lead up to it, I think that most beginners start out a lot like I did and they start out with a free product and they add a $ 10 product and then they add a $ 47 product in. You know, then they add a $ 97 product. And in that is a fine sales funnel.

The only thing is you're chasing your tail. It's almost like to driving across the country and you do not know where you're going so you getting your car and you drive for a day and you find yourself 500 miles from home and you look around and you say that like to find somewhere nicer and so you drive a while and we find something nicer and you land somewhere else and you continue to do this and then eventually you land on the other side of the country.

Let's just call that your final destination. Now imagine if you knew that your final destination is for example is here in America and you live in Los Angeles and you want to get to New York; now you know what your final destination is. Then you can either get in your car and use a map program online and it tells you exactly how to get there.

You drive there or for a few extra dollars to pay for a ticket you get on an airplane and fly across the country and you are there very quickly. But the only way that you can do that is to know where you're going, you have to know what the final location is. And while I know that it's difficult for you if you've never made any money online to envision selling a $ 5,000 product or $ 500 product or even a $ 250 or a $ 97 product I think that if you can picture yourself at the big end of that or the tiny entrance into that funnel and say, you know my end result is a $ 500 product, who is going to purchase a $ 500 product? So once you determine the demographics of people who are purchasers of that product, then you can create your sales funnel in such a way that you're only attracting people who would eventually buy that high end product.


Source by Sean Mize

List Building Tips – 3 Common Mistakes That Will Cause Your List to Ignore You


While the money is certainly in your list, if your list does not open your emails or does not act after reading them, then you will not make a penny. Are you making these 3 mistakes that kill your list and make your subscribers completely unresponsive? Read this article to see the common mistakes people make and the simple solutions to fix them.

List Building Mistake # 1: Abusing Your List

People want good content. They want to be helped, and they want a lot of information for free. If you send them bad information or repetitive sales pitches, you will turn a prospective customer into an unsubscriber.

Solution: give them what they want. Give them some free information. Help them. Encourage them. Ask them what they struggle with and then give them answers. Make them enjoy your emails, and they will look forward to hearing from you again.

List Building Mistake # 2: Over- Hyping Yourself

This is one of the mistakes that makes me unsubscribe from a list in a heartbeat. So many people make their sales pitch sound like an ego-driven, me-first newsletter. This is what I want to tell people like that – I do not care about you. I care about me! Yes, it sounds selfish, but when I allow a stranger to send me emails, I do not do it so I can learn more about them.

Solution: focus, focus, focus on your customers. Do not drag them on your ego trip. Talk to your subscribers in a level-headed, entertaining, but honest way. Make them feel like you had them personally in mind when you wrote the email. Focus on your subscribers, not on yourself.

List Building Mistake # 3: Sending Unrelated Emails

When someone gives their permission for you to email them, they expect to be sent material related to the subject they signed up for. Sending unrelated material will make people ignore your emails.

Solution: only send emails related to your subject. You have to be very careful here. You might think an email is related to your subject (ie sending arthritis tips to someone who signed up to learn about high blood pressure), but your reader may have no use for it. If you send too many emails unrelated to your subject, you may find that they begin to ignore your emails altogether.


Source by Christopher M. Hall

List Building – How to Build a List of Prospective Customers


Online Marketing can be a very lucrative job, especially when you know how to create great online marketing campaigns and target the right kind of people. When you're beginning to build your online career however, it can be a bit difficult to find potential customers since your business still does not carry much weight and value.

Sure, you can send your promotional ads and product brochures to friends and relatives, but your business will not succeed if they are your only audience. You need many other people-strangers, in short-to be interested on the products and services you can offer. Are you interested on how to build a list of prospective customers? Then read further.

First, let prospective customers themselves find you. Like Hansel and Gretel who leave fragments from their house to the forests, always leave your contact information in whatever you post online. In sending emails, always include a nicely done business card as your signature. In participating in online forums, use your company's logo and contact information as an avatar and signing link. In posting in your blog or company website, make your email address easily seen.

Next, spend some bucks on newsletter website feature. The customers with high potentials to ask quotations and purchase orders from you are customers who ask for your promotional and informational materials before you do. One of the most effective ways on how to build a list of prospects is to include a newsletter subscription form in your website. If they sign up in your newsletter, then they really are interested to shop something from your product offerings.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List Building – Top 7 Ways to Build Your List With Videos


Building a list of subscribers online is not easy unless you're already recognized as an expert in your field and get huge amounts of traffic to your website. Most online business owners will build their lists slowly one subscriber at a time. One of the best methods of attracting new subscribers is with video marketing.

Videos are effective because you can watch, read and listen at the same time thus it appeals to a wide audience. This is in contrast to text which just appeals to one segment of your subscribers. A good video can captivate your audience better than written content.

Top 7 ways to build your list with videos

1. Giveaway

Offer a free video in exchange for signing up to your newsletter. For example create a video on "The Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Website." When visitors submit their contact information they receive the video.

2. Sales page

Instead of spending hours writing a long sales page, create a video sales page using the same information and include pictures and sound. For example if you were selling skis, you could create an attractive video that included someone skiing down a snow covered mountain. An opt-in form could be placed within the content or as a drop down box.

3. Squeeze page

A squeeze page forces a person to enter their contact information in return for more information. For example use a video to initially attract visitors then promise they'll receive videos containing more information after they opt in to your list.

4. Article marketing

Article directories allow a resource box at the end of the article to contain a link back to your website. Include a link directly to your video or link to the article on your website or blog containing your video.


Whenever you write a new article create a video from it as well then distribute it to multiple video sharing websites using Tube Mogul.

5. Forums and blogs

Search for forums and blogs in related niches then leave a comment, answer a question or participate in the conversation. Make sure you include a link to your video at the end your comment.

6. Video Blog

Create a blog that only contains your videos. Make sure you include your opt-in form on the blog to build your list. Alternatively include a video in your blog posts for visitors that prefer to watch rather than read your posts.

7. Social Media

Share your videos (or a link to your videos) on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social media sites. This helps build a community around your niche. The speed of your list will grow in proportion to the number of people that view your videos. The more places your video appears on the Net the more people will see it.


Source by Herman Drost

List Building – Writing Feedback Emails to Create Rapport – 1


I believe that writing feedback emails is a driving reason I am so successful marketing to my list. You see, when I use a feedback email, I am doing a few things, all at one time.

I am learning what my list wants to learn more about, so I can provide it to them.

I am letting them see that I am a real person who wants and values their feedback. And when I personally answer their email to me, they see that I am set apart from others online – I specifically interact with them; their email to me doesn’t bounce or tell them to submit a ticket.

So what is a feedback email? A feedback email is one in which I ask my subscribers a question, and I ask them to answer my question in another email. In fact, I ask them simply hit ‘reply’ to the email and just give me the answers that way. This creates an incredible sense of personalization. I am making this correspondence very personal.

Once they have written me back, I read through the emails, and generally about 80% of the emails have a very similar question or two. I write an email back to everyone saying, thank you for your replies, that was really helpful to me. I have received so many responses that it will take me a few days to answer them all; I am going to answer the most common questions in this email, and over the course of the next few days, if I didn’t answer your question in this email, I will personally answer your email.


Source by Sean Mize

List Building – Tips to Growing a Big List Really Fast


A lot of people have lists that they are building in their niche, but they are trying to figure out how to make it grow really big, and really, really fast. If your list building efforts are focused in an area that you enjoy, or even better, that you are passionate about…then this is going to be easy for you. And to be honest, I don’t know how to work on anything unless I am excited about it. I guess there are people that do it, but I want to jump out of bed in the morning ready to get to work on whatever my latest project is.

Here are a few things you can do to really pump up the numbers of people that are joining your list.

First, you want to be blogging every day. This will help you to get search engine ranking and more traffic. You’ll want to stay on top of this. I know a lot of people think that posting to their blog everyday takes too much time. They envision that they will be in front of their computer for at least an hour, trying to think up what they are going to say…and then taking the time to get it typed out and posted. This can stop people in their tracks because it just seems too overwhelming and they can’t see how they will fit this in to their busy life.

The main thing to think about is that it doesn’t need to be an hour in front of your computer to do this. It can take as little as ten minutes. You can write a few sentences about something you are working on and tell people to “check back for the BIG news”. You can comment on some news item that is happening in your niche that your readers will have probably already heard about…OR, maybe they are hearing it from you first.

The second thing you want to do is write one press release a day. Again, I can hear you groaning…and again, I will say…it does not have to take you half a day to do this stuff. Unless you are in the world’s most boring niche…and why would you be…there will ALWAYS be something going on that you can comment on or be getting the word out about, through a press release.

Here’s the thing. If you focus on how much time these tasks are going to take, and how little time you believe you have to get them done…you will probably spend more time worrying about it instead of using that time to just get things done. Everybody is pressed for time, but every successful marketer I know has learned to MAKE the time for the things that are important to them, and that they know will move their business forward and eventually result in profits. And that’s why we are in business, right? For profits.

So get to work, do what has to be done. If you follow these list building tips and are shooting for one blog entry and one press release a day and you end up missing a day here and there…no big deal. You will be WAY ahead of the game, or at least ahead of where you would be if you don’t take any action because you think it will take too long. Building a big list in a short amount of time takes consistent daily action, and you can do it.


Source by Tellman Knudson

List Building: Organizing to Take Care of Your List


So, you've bought hundreds of ebooks and other digital products over the years. Now, you've been list building and are starting to have a great list. You want to show them your appreciation. But you're having trouble finding ebooks, reports, and programs you want to send their way. How can you organize them for easy access?

Some of the products probably have reprint and master marketing rights. You may even want to sell those to your list, rather than offering them as bonuses, right? Or, you may want to use them as a bonus for another product you want to sell to your list. That's a great idea, too.

So, here's what you do:

First, go to Google, and find Google's Desktop Search and download it. It allows you to use Google to actually search what's on your hard drive. When you install it, it takes a while to index everything, but the cool part about it is that it's much faster than doing a traditional search, just using your computer. Google Desktop Search does not have to research everything, every time because everything is already indexed.

To find your ebooks, search for all your ".pdf" documents. Then make a folder inside you're My Documents folder called "ebooks." That you know the if you own ebooks on affiliate marketing, list building , conversion, or basic business : other categories, make Those folders ahead of time. You can even make resale rights, re-brandable rights and public domain rights folders. Move everything to where it needs to go. That's it. It's done. You can probably do it in an hour.

I have hundreds and hundreds of books and things on my computer. The truth is, I do not have them organized. My stuff is all over the place. When I need something for my lists or otherwise, I do a Google Desktop search and find what I need. It's okay to be disorganized. But, if you take faster action than everyone else, you win. Definitely do not worry about being disorganized. If you're not naturally very organized, I would not fight it too hard.


Source by Tellman Knudson

List Building – Maintaining a Good Customer List Helps Build a Good Business Foundation


As any successful business owner will tell you, new customers are great, but repeat customers are the foundation of any good business. So it is important to remember that just because your customer made a purchase, the process doe not end there. You need to cultivate a relationship with your customer. Allow them to think of your business as an "old friend," someone they may not necessarily have a day-to-day relationship with, but come back to visit often.

A great way to keep your customer certain that you value them and their business is by list building. Collecting and maintaining a good customer list can mean the difference in fast burn or long-term success. Of course, the key to getting information for your customer list is trust. Keep in mind that your customers may not want their information given to other businesses and ensure them that you will not sell their information.

If you have other information you could send that does not apply to the main business, ask that customer if they are interested in other information. Be sure that you respect your customer's wishes. The quickest way to have them mark you off the list is to bombard them with spam.

So when you send the customer information, make sure that it is something you would be interested in receiving. If you are sending the customer information about discounts or sales, be sure that the information includes something they have previously purchased. If they were satisfied with the product, it will make them consider a new purchase.


Source by Mark A. Abrahams

List Building – Best Way to Get High Squeeze Page Conversions


It is important to build a proper email addresses list if you want to get good results from your email marketing efforts. Opt-in kind of email addresses lists are the best. As this list consists of those people who are actually interested in your product or service, the chances of improvement in the volume of your business are more. You can use a squeeze page to collect this data. A squeeze page is generally a web page which is made for the sole purpose of collecting data from the visitors. A squeeze page is also called as a landing page. The squeeze page will provide the visitors with that kind of information which they may be looking for. While this squeeze page offers a lot of information to the visitor, the visitor has to give his or her email address. In this way a very effective opt in email list can be built.

If you want to get high squeeze page conversion, you must let the visitor access the information available on your website. Most of the squeeze pages do not let you visit any other part of the website until and unless you provide it with a valid email address. Some of the visitors are offended due to this approach and they simply quit. So while using squeeze pages as a source to get the email address of your prospective buyer, you must be careful about not offending people in any way. If used properly, squeeze pages can help you in building a really long list of email addresses.


Source by Sean Mize

List Building – Building Online Success at Your Own Speed


What's great about building an online business and particularly building your own list is that you can progress as fast as you want. You are only limited by your desire to achieve your financial goals.

Let's say you're starting from square one and you have zero members on your list. If you only have one hour a day to devote to your business and you commit to adding 3 names to your list per day then at the end of the month you'll have approximately 100 subscribers. If the value of each subscriber is 50 cents your income would be $ 50.00.

But perhaps you want to move a little faster and you decide to work 3 hours a day so at the end of the month you now have roughly 300 names on the list. This gives you an income of $ 150.00. You can see where we go from here. A thousand names gives you $ 500 per month income. You decide how fast you want to grow.

Keep in mind that the money you make on your list is not a one-time occurrence. As long as you nourish your list by sending out useful information you can generate income from it month after month.

Income from your list is like getting a royalty from a book. You do the work once and you continue to get paid. If you add 100 names per month then in one year you have 1200 names or an income of $ 600 even though you're still working one hour a day. Think about if you we're to add a 1000 names per month or 12000 in the 12th month. Would that income change your life. Would you have more options in your life? For most people it would and the only thing keeping them from reaching that goal is their commitment to making it happen.

The internet is an equal opportunity opportunity. It gives everyone regardless of background, education, age, gender or geographical location the same level playing field in which to make their dreams come true.

Everyone has the same number of prospects, the same advertising methods, and the same access to information. The only restricting factor in the beginning is the knowledge about exactly what you need to do to make it work. Fortunately there's plenty of ways to gain the knowledge and once you have it you can accomplish anything you want.

What is so exciting is that once you have a profitable list there are only two things you need to do to grow your income.

The first is to do everything possible to get as many names on your list as fast as you can.

The second is to test everything. Test the emails you send out. How many are read and what's the response? Test your squeeze page and the headline on it. Test your free offer.

Test. Test and test some more. Continue to hone the process and your income will grow dramatically.


Source by Bob Storrs