Article Writing For Money – Learning Article Marketing


If you have just started learning article marketing and list building it is important that you focus your attention on the task of getting your website to achieve strong, natural search engine rankings and high levels of traffic from articles immediately.

You should focus more on the whys and the wherefores of marketing your online business. Once you learn how to do it the information can be applied to promote any website of your choice.

You should aim to learn how to do the work yourself so that you are self-reliant and can apply the techniques in to absolutely any website that you choose, generating the amount of traffic that you desire. It should be your intention to get your website from wherever it is now to a totally advanced stage – meaning to a level where you achieve top 10 search engine results, generate massive traffic, spectacular conversion rates and a strong and loyal subscriber list.

You achieve this via on and off-page search engine optimization techniques, article marketing, website submissions and list-building techniques. Work your way through this program and utilize all the techniques. Incorporate them into your internet program to create highly effective and lucrative websites. As well as learning these vital skills mentioned above, it is important that you learn to incorporate these skills into your website strategy so that they work together synergistically to create maximum profit for you.

Ensure you know how article marketing, list building, et cetera, work together to produce massive results.

Learning about article marketing and list building is like studying for a doctors qualifications. It can be hard at first but eventually, when you have completed your studies and you know what you are doing, you will be able to command whatever income you require for yourself. And that alone is worth all the effort.


Source by Janet B Cole

Top 3 Ways To Generate Instant Boosts Of Newsletter Subscribers


Do you know the most effective ways to build your list of newsletter subscribers? Here are 3 of the best ways to generate instant boosts of subscribers, starting today:

1. AdWords

If you have not heard of Google AdWords by now, then you must have been living under a rock these past few years. AdWords is an advertising model where your ads are placed besides relevant search results. You only pay for clicks you clock up.

The key to success with AdWords is your keyword list. Aim to build large lists of relevant keywords and you can not fail.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing, in a nutshell, is the process of writing articles for distribution around the Internet. The way you generate subscribers for your newsletter is via the resource box at the end of your article. Newsletter creators, bloggers and even ebook authors are constantly on the lookout for new content, so it's a great way to leverage your content creation efforts. It's a great viral marketing weapon you should definitely start using.

3. Forum Marketing

Posting to forums in the niche you work in is the fastest way to generate subscribers. Post why? Because you can see results in just minutes of your post! Be sure to post real useful content and do not spam the forums or you'll be banned. Build a reputation and other forum members will come to respect your views and subscribe to your newsletter. As I said, this a method where you can see results real quickly, so try it!


Source by Fabian Tan

Combating List Building Frenzy: Take The Time To Promote


It is an accepted fact among the experts now that online marketing succeeds only with a quality, highly targeted permission email list in place. As a result, the multi-level marketers have pounced on this and everywhere you look another "matrix" lead generating system springs up.

There is no doubt that these are powerful techniques offering the advantage of building your subscriber base while basking in profits simply from growing your list. This is a best-of-both worlds sorts where the very thing that you are promoting is one in the same with what you are building -> your list.

For "newbie" marketers, it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy since one is desperately hungry to build a subscriber base and actually see the first profits rolling in. However, with working on an initially limited advertising budget, the monthly charges to stay in the "matrix" can take a substantial bite out of other advertising resources.

What is one to do? Can you build a list with highly targeted subscribers, subscribers who are craving for your information, at relatively low cost? The answer: yes, but it takes time.

For those just starting out this is a double-edged sword. You want profits soon, but also want profits to continue to come in. The problem here is that the two are contradictory. They straddle two opposite sides of the fence so to speak.

* Consider the following scenario:

Suppose you have a large subscriber base that trusts your opinions and judgments. On Friday you send to your list a promotion for which you either own the product or are an affiliate. Now suppose that your list is 3000 subscribers in size, your conversion rate is 5% (pretty good) and your profit per sale is $ 99. That amounts to $ 14,850 in sales from one campaign! Not bad, not bad. I could easily live with this kind of return.

Now lets take another scenario. You are just starting out, understand that building a list is of utmost importance, but really want to start making profits quickly. You purchase 600 leads advertised as "quality double opt-in MLM". You then quickly blast away your promotion. Approximately 0.5% (note that this is an order of magnitude less than the first example!) Actually make the purchase – 3 out of 600, which is not a very good conversion. But hey, you paid $ 100 for the leads, made $ 297 in sales, for a $ 197 ROI! Just starting out, you become giddy and sort of euphoric at the profits you have just made.

All excited, you blast away another promotion the following week. But this time you only receive a single sale. Uh oh! What's going on? So in a panic you only wait 3 or 4 days and try to re- promote. But, over the next few days, not only do you see no sales, over half of your subscribers cancel their subscription.

* Question: What happened?

Your subscribers do not know you. In all likely hood the sales you made were nothing more than pure luck. Within your list you will undoubtedly have a few people who are really serious, perhaps a bit frivolous with their money, and will buy immediately. But you have absolutely no relationship with your subscribers. They simply looked at your second promotion and said "I do not know who this is, but they keep sending me emails", and cancelled.

What has happened here is the marketing analogue of the biochemical "quick fix" you get when eating a candy bar to curve your hunger. It works great initially, but you crash hard shortly after.

* Solution? * Take your time building your list!

One thing that I can not stress enough is the time between sign up and first contact. When you buy lists, although sellers usually advertise only a few days old, you get addresses of people who do not even remember what they initially signed up for. I do not know about you but if I receive emails from people that I do not remember, it gets canned immediately. Being that over 150 million people are on the internet today, and are constantly hit with advertisement after advertisement, can you really be surprised that after a few days they really can not remember what they signed up for. The information age has catapulted us from one extreme to the next: information no load to information overload. So, you absolutely must make contact immediately after sign up.

There is another very important reason for the quick follow up after sign up – building credentials. People will be much more likely to stick with you if they think "hey, I signed up and immediately received a response. This person cares." And you should care. If your serious about developing an online business you should care about your contacts and you should supply them with valuable information. To succeed first take the time to promote and build a quality list. Profits will come in due time.


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5 Key Tips For High Performance List Building


The biggest mistake that internet marketers make when starting their online business is not building a list. Using an opt in list is a very profitable way to increase your online business since it gives you a pool of customers who are already interested in your product and what you have to say. If you solve a problem that your customer has, you have a customer for life. It is only by list building that you can strengthen the rapport and develop a relationship with your subscriber. The following tips will strengthen your opt in results.

1. Display your opt in list prominently at the top of your website page. The right side is more effective than the left since the majority of people are right handed.

2. A great list building page has a killer headline! As an internet marketer, you have 7- 30 seconds to create a great impression. Otherwise, the customer moves on to another page to find what they are looking for. 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the page. Spend 50 percent of your time creating the headline.

3. Place a graphic image on your opt in page with 3-5 bullet points that offer benefits to the future subscriber. Customers want to know what is in it for them. Point out what they get for opting in.

4. Offer something for free! Getting the newsletter for free is commonplace. Subscribers want more. Offer a free report or entry into a contest. The newsletter is an expectation, the free report or contest entry are not.

5. Protect yourself. After the subscriber opts in, always send a confirmation email. They must click the link and respond that "yes" they did choose to subscribe to your offer. This will prevent the majority of spamming issues and keep you out of trouble in the long run. It also lets you know that the subscriber is truly interested in what you have to offer.

Follow these tips to strengthen opt in results. Respond to subscribers genuinely and offer solutions to their problems. This will keep your list strong and profitable.


Source by Corey A. Brown

List Building With ClickBank Pirate


List building with ClickBank Pirate is quite a debated subject. For those of you that do not know ClickBank Pirate is an automated e-mail marketing system. Now that can be a misleading statement so let me explain briefly. It is the list that is automated, whilst CBP does give away the tools and the training to do so, it is the affiliate's job to add subscribers to the list. Then CBP will set up an autoresponder to sell to these subscribers for as long as they remain on the list.

If you have an interest in affiliate marketing and my guess is that you do, or you would not be reading this, you will at some point have seen the phrase "the money is in the list". When someone joins CBP they begin building a list, so what is the problem? The issue most raised, is that CBP members do not own their list. They never have any control over it, what products will be sold with it, they will never even see it and should they ever leave CBP they can wave goodbye to the list altogether. Understandably, some people feel that this is a very bad thing. But is it really so bad?

When I started internet marketing I knew almost nothing about it so I took out a subscription with ClickBank Pirate and began to build my list using their tools and training. My list is nowhere near the size of the top affiliates but it is steadily getting there. If I was in full control of my own list I would need an autoresponder service which would cost around $ 30 / month for one of the reputable companies. These autoresponder services have a limit to the number of subscribers you may have for that price bracket so all going well, in the near future the cost would increase. Also, even with a good service I would not get any tools with which I could attract subscribers, no training in how to get traffic, I would need to set up my own domain and hosting account which would add more expense and on top of that I would have to find high converting products to promote and write an e-mail series geared towards selling them and honestly, I just do not know how to do that yet.

Maybe in the future I will start to build my own list, but for now I am very happy about not being in control. I pay a set rate every month and could add as many subscribers as I wish without that price changing. Looking at the bigger picture I am paying less and getting much more. So, ClickBank Pirate can keep the list, the money is still in it for me.


Source by Paul R Greaves

List Building – 3 Ways to Advertise Your Giveaway


Building a mailing list is one of the most important – and one of the most satisfying – aspects of running your home based online business. Your mailing list can be considered a long-term investment … something that can provide an income for the future. Getting started on building a list is relatively straightforward; you need an auto-responder (preferably not a free version) and a squeeze page … plus something, say a short report, that you can give away as an 'inducement' for people to opt-in to your list.

This article does not cover the technical aspects of setting-up your list building page – there are plenty of tutorials

available on line for this. Rather, this article covers three ways you can place an advertisement on high-traffic online websites (at little or no cost) thus giving you a good chance to build your list at a decent rate.

1. Place your report on (part of CNET) attracts a huge amount of visitors and you can place your report on the site as a giveaway in return for an opt-in to your mailing list. Placing your report on is free although there is the option to upgrade to paid insertions, giving faster approval times and other benefits. There is a three stage initial sign-up process, each requiring approval, to get through and this is time consuming, however, this is a one-off process and is worth the effort in order to tap into the potential of the site.

2. Use eBay Classified Ads

For a few dollars per month you can place a classified ad on eBay and, again, give away your report in return for an opt-in. In fact you have to put a price on the report ($ 0.01 say) but in effect you will give away the report, since eBay allows you to place an opt-in form on the sales page. A professional looking description and adding some free graphics will make your ad that much more appealing to visitors.

3. Sign-up to Giveaway events

Giveaway events are, as the name suggests, online sites that host a giveaway for a fixed period (usually two to three weeks). You sign-up for the event as a contributor and upload your squeeze page URL. To do this is free, however there is almost always an option to upgrade to paying contributor (recommended by the way) and by paying, your product will be given preferential exposure to visitors. There are a number of websites that promote giveaway events (such as – a web search will provide all the information you require.

Building your list can be done with little or no extra expenditure (over and above your regular business outgoings).

You will need to make sure your giveaway report is of value and is your own work – do not just hack a free PLR ​​report together … spend some time putting together something of worthwhile, even to the extent of investing in some graphics if your budget can stand the additional pressure (if it can not then you can search for free graphic generators on the Internet). With practise, putting together a list-building campaign will become second nature.


Source by Keith C Blackburn

List Building – 4 Guidelines on How to Build a List Successfully


In every business it is very common to lose some customers from time to time. But, if your business is currently experiencing frequent loss of customers, maybe you need to focus more on List Building. Building a list will allow you to gain more customers and avoid losing more of them in the future.

The following are some guidelines that will help you on how to build a solid list of your customers.

1. Get all the necessary information about your customers, which includes their names and email addresses. You can get these kinds of information when they make a purchase on your site. Even if some of your visitors don’t purchase any of your products, you can still get their email address once they post a message on your forums or if they made comments to your articles.

2. Communicate with your subscribers more often. Show your customers that you care about them, that their opinion is also important. Answer their queries or concerns regarding transaction or product issues. If they are satisfied with your response, they would definitely keep their subscription.

3. Avoid sending useless emails to them. You only need to send emails to your subscribers every time you have something to offer to them, such as free samples of your new products.

4. Prove to your customers that your business is worth following and supporting. Building a list will be useless if you are not promoting good products or services to your customers. Give them something that will make them ask for more. Once you have accomplished this, you will definitely have a long-lasting relationship with your clients.


Source by Jason A Osborn

List Building, Part 8 – Develop a Professional Relationship With Your Subscribers


To keep your subscribers happy and to encourage them to share your company and newsletter with others they may know, it helps to develop a personal, but professional, relationship with your subscribers. If people have voluntarily opted to join your list, it means that something you are offering is of interest to them. Therefore, it is important to build a human relationship with them, but this should be kept fundamentally professional in nature.

Even enormous multinational corporations have come to realize that adding a personal – human – touch to their communications with their clients helps to build a stronger and more stable relationship. The days of the non-personal form letter response have mostly ended with the exception of a few industries and government agencies that have monopolies and know you have no alternative provider to turn to (think of utility companies and government agencies).

At the same time, you do not want to go to the opposite extreme of being too close and personal, talking all about your personal issues and generally coming off as unprofessional. The people subscribing to your list knew they were joining a promotional list primarily concerned with selling some product or service that they are interested in. This means they are not interested in hearing about your day in the traffic standstill or the details of your divorce settlement. They want to hear information related to whatever they signed up for. There can be a fine line between being professional and being personable.

One key feature of building a relationship with your subscribers should be your punctuality in responding to queries made by your subscribers. You should always respond as soon as is possible and consider this a priority. If you opt to use an auto responder for when you are unavailable, be sure not to use the formal form letter that is the default of most auto responders. Instead create a customized response that is friendly and personal, but professional.

Though acceptable language and the like may differ in different industries and fields, most of the time it is suggested that you respond as though you were talking to a close, but rather prudish, friend. Keep away from profanity, abusive language, or controversial topics (like religion or politics). Otherwise though, be sure to present yourself as someone your subscribers like and want to be associated with.


Source by Paul MA Wilson

List Building – Outline of Steps to Create a Squeeze Page


In creating a successful squeeze page, there are a number of elements that must be present to generate a high conversion rate or opt ins. Each one of these elements should be present on just about any squeeze page you create – much as specific elements are required when you create a sales page.

In fact, when you look at this list of steps to creating an effective squeeze page, you should notice the similarity with the steps to creating a functional sales page.

You see, in some sense, a squeeze page is a sales page. The critical difference (or similarity, depending on how you view it) is that the sales page is leading someone to feel compelled to buy a for-profit item for a monetary price, whereas the squeeze page is leading someone to feel compelling to ‘buy’ your ‘free gift’ for the price of their name and email address. And there is certainly a value and a cost to the opt ins’ email address and name. To you, the name and email address represent a specific lifetime value, and to the subscriber, there is a certain level of risk involved each time he gives out his name and email address. So the price of your ‘free giveaway’ is his email address, and your ‘payment’ for the ‘free giveaway’ is the lifetime value of the name and email address.

On this note, I recommend that you protect and value the names and email addresses in just the same way you would something of equivalent cash value. Of course when you begin your list, you have no idea how much that cash value is, but as your list grows and you make sales, you will be able to correlate the number of names and email addresses you have on your list with the dollar value of the sales you generate, and you will be able to calculate both a monthly and a lifetime value for each subscriber to your list.

Here is an outline of the steps necessary for creating a successful opt in squeeze page:

Create or Buy a GiveAway Product for Your Squeeze Page

Create a List of Benefits (not Features) for Your Squeeze Page

Write a Headline for Your Squeeze Page

Write Compelling Copy for Your Squeeze Page

Create Bullet Points for Your Squeeze Page

Create a Compelling Opt In Call to Action for Your Squeeze Page

Copy and Paste in Your Autoresponder Opt In Code

Now for the step by step instructions to building your squeeze page:


Source by Sean Mize

List Building – Step By Step To The Profit Zone!


This is a step by step process to list building.

First you need list traffic. You can achieve this through a variety of methods.

a. Pay Per Click

b. Article Marketing

c. Search Engine Optimization

d. Video – (YouTube)

e. Web 2.0 Social (Myspace)

f. Blogging

g. Viral Marketing (Web reports that spread themselves.)

h. Affiliate Marketing (Let affiliates build your list for you!)

i. Ezine Advertisement

j. Forums (Put your website on your signature line!)

k. Joint Ventures

This is a short, but powerful list of list traffic strategies you can focus on. I suggest you stick with the free ones then use your profits to test the paid ones.

You have list traffic. Now you need to collect those happy customers! The two most popular methods for this are Aweber and GetResponse. These are called auto responders. I personally use an Aweber driven private label called ProSender. It's all the same thing though. It costs $ 20.00 per month. Do not worry right now about other methods. Get your auto responder up and running today. Do not delay!

Now that you have your auto responder set up. Let's talk about bribes. Ethical ones. An ethical bribe is the most effective way of collecting email addresses. Pick out something that is worth a high perceived value, but a very small cost for you. You're going to be giving this away by the boatload! So make sure it's low cost for you.

You have your ethical bribe prepared. Now let's put it together in a nice smooth format. It's called a squeeze page. There are many varieties of squeeze pages, but I'm only going to focus on one and that's the traditional type.

Your squeeze page contains:

1. Header – Make this something relevant with your ethical bribe and the theme of your website.

2. Sub heading – This should also be relevant and now you're starting to lure your reader into the benefits.

3. Benefits! – What's great about your ethical bribe? Why did you choose it? Make sure your ethical bribe is top notch it shows a lot about the quality you deem important. Do not waste your reader's time.

4. Closing statement – Close it off nice and smooth. Stressing the information that must be filled out. Example: "Enter Your First Name & Primary Email Address Below then click on the" Explode My List Profits! "Button and your free gift will be emailed to you.

* Notice we stressed First Name and Primary Email. This matters. First Name will make sure your subscriber is being referred to by his first name and not Dr. Robert Hendrich III. Primary Email because obviously we want our subscriber to read our emails often. I do not suggest you ask for anything more because more information requested has been proven to decrease conversion results. *

5. Thank you page! – Make sure that your subscriber is sent to a thank you page or a one time offer after subscribing. This will ensure you're not running a no profit business.

Follow these steps and you're virtually guaranteed to make profits. It's just a matter of going out there and getting them done. You can do it. Anyone can. Do not make it harder than it has to be.


Source by Christopher Dittemore