Best SEO Tips – Changes to Google Text Ads in 2017


The deadline for the new Google text ad changes is 31 January 2017. But how is this going to affect you when it comes to your text ads that you use to promote your business online using Google? Some of the best SEO is carried out using pay per click advertising and with the new deadline looming, companies must conform and get used to the new system before the cut-off given by Google. So what do you do?

The first thing you need to know about the changes to the Google text ads is that you will no longer to be able to upload or edit your text ads in AdWords. So those of you that have been relying on AdWords to date will need to get used to the new system as soon as possible. AdWords has been a wonderful tool that thousands of the best SEO specialists have relied on for years, so getting used to a new system is going to take some time and getting used to.

The best option is to start using and getting used to the new system as soon as possible. Do not wait for the deadline. Start playing around with the new system and start getting your adverts loaded with the system. Remember to take note of your best performing adverts, so that you keep those, these are ads that generate website traffic and interest and something you don’t want to lose out on moving forward.

When you run any text ads campaign, you want to monitor your adverts on a regular basis to ensure that they are performing at all times. You can amend your budget, focusing most of your budget on the better performing adverts to ensure you continue to achieve success. The new system is giving you an opportunity to do away with the adverts that are not performing well and replace them with new ads that you can monitor to see how they do. So in a way the new changes are beneficial and force you to make the necessary changes to your advertising campaign to ensure you continue to achieve success moving forward.

Upgrade your ads wherever possible. Upgrading your adverts gives you more control and also helps you grow your brand visibility and build your business in a competitive online environment.

It is essential that you change your existing good performing adverts to the new format without delay. Do not wait until the deadline and then rush to get your ads changed over. Focus on doing this from today, so by the time the deadline comes around, you are already up and running.

If you are in doubt at any stage, it is advisable to work with one of the best SEO firms who can provide you with the assistance you need within your budget. Remember these SEO companies do this daily, they are up to date with the changes and latest algorithms, which enables them to provide you with a service that has a proven track record, so you can use it with confidence.

When it comes to choose a best SEO firm for your text ads in the future, choose a company with years of industry experience and a company that are known for their white hat and ethical techniques. Don’t use companies that don’t have hundreds of active customers and don’t have a good record in the industry. You need to know your online reputation will be taken care of so you can operate online with confidence in the long run.


Source by Anoop K Krishnan

Build and Grow Rich – 3 New Strategies For Building Minisites the Search Engines Will Love


The old adage “If you build it, they will come” no longer works on the internet – and it has not worked for a long time.

There are, however, three “new and improved” strategies that can be used to build websites that the search engines love and will bring increased traffic & visitors to your pages quickly.

The first strategy is the “divide & conquer” approach. This method entails building a massive amount of mini-sites that have links back to your main site – the one you are trying to build traffic for. Mini Websites are typically small sites containing 8 pages or less. The main use of mini websites used to be for for affiliate marketing, where small sales sites (mini-sites) are specially created to sell/promote a particular product or service.

There are plenty of pitfalls to this approach, including building too many sites too fast which will lead to your sites being de-indexed or flagged as spam. However, using this new strategy you can build minisites specifically tailored to show content related to a specific subject, thus attracting advertising revenue and traffic.

For example, if you are building a web presence focusing on minisites, you might want to build 100+ smaller sites that all link together to increase each other’s traffic. There are many great tools available online that can help you launch these small sites quickly.

The second strategy relies heavily on Google’s well-documented and highly publicized PageRank methodology. Google keeps it’s algorithms highly secret, but it has published it’s PageRank methodology in it’s filings with the SEC. PageRank is the key – the rosetta stone – of Google’s search algorithm. Links are important to Google, Yahoo and MSN in determining where your site is placed within the search results.

As you probably know, the more links, the better you will place. The engines place a weighting factor on each link. That is, a link from an important site like would count for a lot more than your Aunt Mabel’s personal homepage. Tactically improving the PageRank – or, more generically, your “link gain” across all the major engines – of your homepage and of key internal pages of your site is critical to being well-ranked and thus getting traffic.

By building, cultivating and adding inbound links from high PageRank sites, you can increase the value of your own pages’ rank.

For example, once again let’s assume you are trying to build a name for yourself in the minisite niche. By gaining backlinks and recognition from sites that have a Pagerank (or “PR” for short) of 4 or more, you will ensure that your minisite will get plenty of traffic as well as an increased weighting in the search engine results.

Finally, there is a third strategy – one that is actually a combination of the first two, but with a little twist. Focus on the high PR sites, and try to gain as many backlinks as you can, while also building minisites around the same topic. However, the twist here is to have the high PR sites link to your mini-sites – NOT the main site you are trying to promote!

By building high PR inbound links to your minisites, you are essentially making those inbound links to YOUR site that much more valuable.

To recap, you should build a network of minisites, link back to those mini sites with inbound links from high PageRank sites around the web, then have links from those mini sites, back to your main “Cash Cow” website.

This may sound incredibly complex, but it is a strategy that works, and it has worked well over the past year as many internet entrepreneurs have used it to build a healthy six-figure incomes from online advertising and affiliate networks.


Source by Cam Forbes

How to Send Traffic to Your Website 2 – Paid Methods








3.1 Social Media

3.2 Build Email List

3.3 Start a self-hosted Website or Blog

3.4 Pay Per Click – AdSense

3.5 Google AdWords

3.6 Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

3.7 Host a Free Seminar and Sell Your Product

3.8 Copy Other Marketers





I am going to outline over six paid methods of getting traffic to your website where you are selling your product.

The website may be a full website, or just a blog, or even a third party website (in which case the company and their affiliates selling your product will do the job for you in their own ways which may or may not include those on discussion here.


  1. To discuss the effective paid methods to generate traffic to your website or blog.
  2. To point out where to start spending your ads budget on paid methods as a beginner.
  3. To provide useful resources (links) to help learners catch on as fast as possible


There actually so many ways of driving traffic which can never be exhausted in our discussion in one chapter. Besides, more new ways are even cropping up almost on a daily basis.

However, one thing is certain, wherever you loaded your product for sell, you will need streams of traffic to appraise your product for possible purchases.

Some of these methods are fast and easy but others will take sometimes to yield returns but you need to apply all of them in your short- and long-term profit planning strategy.

You may also have to experiment on them one after the other to decide which ones are effective in the market niche of your choice.

As stated in the last chapter, it may be after you have made enough cash with the free methods that you may decide to scale up your business using these paid methods. You may also decide to go on the fast lane to success.

Then go ahead with them ab initio if you have a good budget and want a breakthrough as soon as possible.

But until you master them, I have a word of caution here for you.

Take them one after the other, master each one very well before you go on to the next. That way, you won’t burn out your cash too fast without meaningful returns on your investment.

The following are places that you can spend your advertising dollars with good monetary returns.

3.1 Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

All the above listed social media have paid as well as free versions of advertising. The good thing about them is that they can be relatively cheaper as well as very effective in terms of returns on investment of the advertising dollars.

Facebook for instance can bring unlimited traffic even for as low as $0.01 cents. And it is very easy to use it.

Browse for FACEBOOK ADS AUTHORITY, learn how to set it up and apply it in your business and you will see steady hike in profits from month to month in your business.

3.2 Build Email List

Frankly speaking, if you are a marketer without an email list you are running a hobby, you are not jet in business.

Well, you can make some money here and there from time to time, but if you want to have steady stream of income from your online business that will give you a decent living, please set up your mailing list as soon as possible. By now, it goes without saying that, money is in the list, I am sure you have heard this many times before.

3.3 Start a self-hosted Website or Blog

By now it must be clear from our discussion that if you have your own product to sale online, it is better to utilize a multi-prong approach to marketing it online.

This means even though you set it up on a 3rd-party website for sell, you should also set up at another website where you are in control of everything. This is a good idea as the other website may de-list your product at any time with or without giving you notice or even explanations.

But at your own website you can set you terms and conditions to suit you, use multi-approach to marketing like OTO, Downsell or Upsell to suit your business whims and caprices. Blogging about your product also provides other streams of income and independent avenues to discuss with your clients. This will provide useful inputs for the revised version of the product.

3.4 Pay Per Click – AdSense

One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website is by using Google Search Console to submit your URLs. This is an insane way to drive traffic to your website.

It is an insane way because instead of you paying for the traffic, the traffic will be paying to you. Google AdSense when used correctly in this manner, though a free tool, will work inversely to pay you for the traffic that comes to visit your page instead of you paying for it.

See this article and the accompanying links to learn how to set it up correctly for it to bring paying traffic to your website to see your product:

Google ‘Clicks and Impressions Tips to increase traffic to your website’ may also be useful in a way if you care.

3.5 Google AdWords

This is the science of internet marketing advertisement. The method is precision-proven in that it can work in any market niche and in online or offline business.

Perry Marshall is the number one global renowned teacher of this subject you can Google for his free video if you want to know more.

3.6 Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should go beyond free ezines that you are using to submit articles with your review page links and a resource box.

At the professional level, you should be doing serious things such as discussed in this article, and those cited herein.

Kissmetrics also share some insights on ’17 Advanced Methods For Sharing Your New Piece of Content’

3.7 Host a Free Seminar and Sell Your Product

This is the apex of internet marketing and whatever the marketing approach you are using, aim at finally landing at this topmost method, gotomeeting is one of the easiest to use platform.

It is a paid platform, but it also comes with initial 30-days free trial period. You can check online for other platforms.

Though the seminar is meant to be free for attendants, there is nothing that stops you from marketing one or two, usually, the high-end product in your marketing funnel.

Seek some guide if you are not a techie. This approach to marketing can be quite rewarding.

3.8 Copy Other Marketers

One of the beauty of internet business is that trends changes often and can be very swift. The few marketers to learn the new tricks early always benefit immensely. So always keep your fingers crossed and peep from time to time to see what others, particularly, the Masters, are doing in the marketplace.

Sell your products and run your website or blog the way others are doing and you won’t be left behind. The easiest way to do this is to join other peoples’ list, forum, even membership sites where they spill the beans in this business.

This way you can adopt their own approach while also adding your own twixt, specialty and talent to make your methods unique.


The taste of the pudding, they say, is in the tasting. After implementing these simple but powerful methods to rake in profits into your bank account, you are now ready to take your business to the next level – which is Automation.


I carefully decided to outline only these few methods of driving traffic for a good reason: to avoid Information Overload.

As you set out to practice them you will see how powerful these methods are in jumpstarting your business. In fact, you do not need gazillion ways to drive traffic to your website in order to make your business profitable.

Just take one method at a time, master it and then proceed to the next one. You will soon realize from your practical experience that one or two methods are enough to build your business to a profitable level.


Start with Facebook. Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to promote your business.


Source by David Udofort

Things To Expect From A PPC Management Firm


PPC is well known by online business owners in today’s digital and social world. Yet some of them are not even aware of the term maybe due to lack of knowledge or insufficient resources. Although, PPC advertising is a powerful tactic to market your business in a different way. Here you pay for top positions on relevant websites and search engines as well. Many of the existing SEO stratagems are complemented by marketplace verticals, business models and testing keywords. Without any doubt, PPC is meant to divert instant traffic to a site.

As pointed out, you would not be able to handle or even start a pay-per-click campaign all by yourself due to capabilities or inadequate experience in this particular sector. In these scenarios, you should opt for hiring a PPC management firm. Things that you can expect from them are:

  • Instant Outcomes

The reality behind a successful business is one true publicity wherein, if you get a chance to aim an arrow right into the fish’s eye, you can earn instant profits and results. You do not have to wait for months to see the outcomes of your spending. The motivation behind every click is because you know what does a single click cost you and how necessary it is. To showcase your products and services faster in the online market, you prefer PPC as it is able to give instant traffic to your site.

  • Enhancement in Sales

When you heard about PPC and decided to utilize this strategy for your site, you knew about the benefits like improvements in site visits, quality traffic and even sales. It is used worldwide just because it has the capability of diverting heavy traffic to a website without wasting any time whether the purpose is to buy some sort of services or purchase a product. Ultimately, it will affect the quality of your sales. For a successful PPC campaign regarding sales, targeting potential and effective clients is a must.

  • Bringing New Customers In

Another way of marketing products or services your offer is to use online display advertisements. It is practice to attract client and visitors who never knew or went through your website before. By using a Google tool called AdSense, your advertisements can be seen on various potential websites of high rankings with similar content and of the similar industry. People who are browsing through a particular site for a particular content, your ads can eventually lead your business towards success. You can expect the incoming of new customers due to a good marketing campaign established by PPC firm you would hire.

  • Pocket-Friendly Promotion

Promotion in today’s world does not dig a hole in your pocket. Through powerful tools like AdWords and Bing Ads, you can interest new visitors to your website and increase your sales. With just minimal spending, a pay-per-click professional agency provides you with perfect services to promote your goods and services.

Here are various things you can expect from a pay-per-click firm when hired. Hunting for the best PPC management services? Consult a professional company and promote your business in not time.


Source by Yusuf Javed

Google Search Engine Organic SEO Impacting Updates for 2017


Nearing the end of 2016, Google started letting webmasters know about impending changes to their search engine ranking system that would have impact on how sites would be viewed in 2017. To continue to rank well in 2017, websites will need to hit certain additional criteria. In this article, I discuss these key new changes that will impact your website’s organic SEO rankings in the Google Search Engine.

The first item on their list is that of making sure that your site has a published SSL certificate in place. Now, as far as Google search rankings go, you will begin to be penalized if you do not have an SSL certificate in place on your site.

One of the first moves in this regard already now in place, is that if you do not have an SSL certificate on your site, the Google Chrome browser will insert and exclamation mark “!” on the URL line to let a potential page viewer be aware that the site has not been secured. Clicking on the exclamation mark brings up the details of the security infraction. This new item is now already in place on the browser with the January 2017 Chrome “56” browser update.

SSL certificates are not a major expense these days and you can get them put in place for as low as about $26 per year if you are not running an e-commerce site and about $70 or so if you are. Google is very interested in customers being protected as they go to websites directed by Google and they want to ensure that customer data entered on these sites is encrypted and a person’s information is kept safe. In this regard, they will therefore be penalizing “organic search-wise” those websites that have not put an SSL certificate in place. So, if being found by Google organically is important to you, this is a step you will need to take with your site.

Next on their agenda is popup adds on webpages, particularly on mobile devices. Google customers find adds that popup on webpages they visit to be very obtrusive and annoying and Google has been listening to their complaints. Google has found that popup adds often can cover an entire screen on a mobile device and can even be hard to get rid of. So now as Googlebot crawls your webpages and in particular, your mobile webpages, be aware that they will be looking on popup adds with disfavor and your page will be penalized if popup adds are found.

Google’s move here is because they are wanting to deliver quality content to their search and “AdWords” customers on behalf of their advertisers. They are on the hunt for quality content pages to serve up – not “Fluff” pages whose primary purpose is to popup an add to sell something. Advertising on the web is going to start to change because of this new search engine ranking requirement so if you are wanting to be found and you currently run popups on your pages, you will be wanting to start doing some rework on these pages. Do standard advertising through anchor text links and hyperlinked images on pages instead – Google will reward you for it instead of penalizing you.

The next change required for 2017 is going to see a lot of people scrambling to improve their website design architectures. Almost half of all Internet access these days is done by mobile devices including tablets.

In a recent study completed by a Google subsidiary company, it was found that the average load time for a webpage on a mobile device is still sitting at about 19 seconds to load. This same study indicates that mobile device users on the other hand only have an attention span for page loading of about 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, over 53% of users abort which means that slow-loading mobile pages that Google currently sends customers to via their search engine and on behalf of their AdWords advertisers, are not getting loaded.

So things are changing. Google now has setup a totally separate search engine “page indexing” database in their system for mobile webpages. The loading sweet-spot for a page is 2-4 seconds and if your mobile page takes longer to load than this as it is getting crawled by Googlebot, Google will make note of it and your page will no longer be showing up in their search results for users until you can get this fixed.

This last change is going to have significant impacts on those entrepreneurs running websites using template webpage systems as these tend to create a lot of very “fat” webpages that load poorly. Webpages making use of a lot of “Javascript callouts” such as when “widgets” are used in a WordPress website; are extremely fat and slow loading and will have virtually no chance of passing the “Googlebot” crawler speed requirements for mobile devices.

With over 50% of all website interactions now coming from mobile, this has the potential of cutting your total website visitors by almost half once your pages have been flagged by Googlebot as being slow loading – not that mobile was working for you anyway with approximately 53% of people clicking off before your page ever got loaded in the first place.

In fact, many WordPress theme providers are now scrambling to build and market as add-ons to existing WordPress customers “Mobile-Friendly” website components. The jury is still out on these however as to whether or not they will be able to get down to the 2-4 second page loading time “sweet-spot” requirements now being required by Google.

To hit loading times that are consistently this fast, will pretty much require the construction of “natively coded, responsive” webpages that do not use widgets of any sort. And even the time take to convert the content of an existing fat page into a fast loading, content filled mobile page takes time that may still keep your page out of the fast loading category.

In summary, the Google search engine these days is looking for professionally built, natively coded webpages to serve up solid content to its customers on mobile devices. To be successful with a website organically in the future as a result, will require for many online entrepreneurs, a need to rebuild existing websites.


Source by Dan Grijzenhout

Module 1 Chapter 1 Deciding on Your Niche








3.1 What is a Market Niche?

3.2 How to Decide on Your Market Niche – Step by Step

3.2.1 Identify Your Audience

3.2.2 Do niche market keyword research

3.2.3 Analyse the competition

3.2.4 Research the trends in the industry

3.2.5 Take decision





After your decision to do Online Business or take your existing brick and mortar business and set it up on the internet as well, the next decision you have to make concurrently is: which market niche you are going to be doing your online business.


  • To discuss the meaning of market niche
  • To encourage individual learner to use free online tools to do research on different market niches in Online Business
  • To help each participant to decide on the particular market niche that they want to do their Online business


3.1 What is a Market Niche?

A niche market is a small segment of the market which you plan to focus on in the course of selling your products, services and doing your business generally. It can further be sub-divided into sub-niches.

Thus, the first thing to do as you set out to establish your Online Business is to decide ab initio the particular aspect of the market that you will be operating your business from.

I can also say that Niche Marketing is the art and science of defining your particular small but profitable segment of the market (niche) and thereafter focusing all your products and services toward that particular segment.

Let me use this example: Weight Loss => weight loss for women => weight loss for women under 20 => weight loss for diabetic women under 20, etc.

One other thing about doing business online is noteworthy here.

When you are doing business online you must define as early as possible on the kind of products you want to market. Are you planning to deal on (sell) virtual or physical products?

Take for instance, the weight loss products cited above, there are virtual or informational products as well as physical products that can be sold to that market.

For most newcomers in Online Business, it is a good idea to start with Virtual Products for obvious reasons…

Virtual products have higher profit margins, sells more often than Physical Products, and is relatively easier to setup and market than Physical Products.

One of the major reasons for this quick and easier sales is the principle called INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Your buyers will be all too excited to get the product they just paid for, instantly – by way of instant download, which is only possible with information products.

This decreases BUYERS’ REMORSE, the anxiety commonly associated with online buyers as they are buying from a stranger most of the time and, any delay in getting the product into their hands may cause them to think twice and possibly, even regret and can requesting for a refund as a result of the distrust emanated by the delay.

That being said, in general, the principle is the same (though more acute in information product market) irrespective of the market in which you are doing your business.

3.2 How to Decide on Your Market Niche – Step by Step

To decide on the niche you want to do your online business, you should take the following steps:

3.2.1 Identify your audience

This is very important for two reasons – products come and go but audience abides forever; this approach will also connect you with the market that have a burning desire and the capacity to buy.

From the next paragraph you have to be connected to the Internet for practice.

For different types of niches and sub-niches that you can possibly go into see this website – note the categories and click on the + sign in front of each category to see the sub-categories: ClickBank

Each category and sub-category forms a niche and sub-niche of its own respectively as referred to previously.

3.2.2 Do niche market keyword research

Google AdWords Keywords Tool is the notable free leader in keyword research. It is beginner-friendly and you can start using it immediately if you have a Google mail account.

You must have a Google mail to create an account or sign in to use the tool (see top right hand corner).

As you go professional, you need a paid version, but the free version is quite useful to start with. If you are not familiar with it, check on the right top side of the site and you will find the instructions (‘Before you begin’) on how to use it: Google AdWords Keywords Tool

3.2.3 Analyse the competition

As you type in keywords into the Google keywords tool search box, click on Get Ideas. From the result, check on the Competition (low is recommended for beginners), Local Monthly Search (1000+ is okay), and the Approximate CPC (how much and how many people are willing to pay for the keyword).

See the red pen marks below.

The keyword I computed into the search box is ‘Network Marketing’.

This is a reflection of your Competitors Appraisal of the market. Few people will be willing to pay for keywords in a market that there is no money to profit from. The more they pay for Keywords the better the market for business.

Additionally, when you pick low competition keyword that you want to target, type it into Google Search and see how many pages are returned – representing the websites that are targeting the keyword.

Also check the number of pages in the first 10 links that have that keyword in the name of their websites. Later, I will say more on this in another lesson.

Check if there is any Ads on the right side of each page targeting the keyword.

Also click on the first few links to observe if there is any ad on those sites (right side). If there is none, then the keyword is worthless! Otherwise advertisers will pay to attract traffic to their sites using the keyword.

3.2.4 Research the trends in the industry

Also use Google Trends Explore to see the Interest over Time in the market you intend to go into: Google Trends Explore

In the above, take note of the country, period, categories and the search topic (highlighted yellow). These can be varied according to your niche and target, but it is generally good to use the past 5 years period as you plan to enter a new market. All these can be varied as you accumulated experience.

There are also country-specific Google Trends. Search for Google Trends Explore+your country or the country that you want specific information on, e.g. ‘Google Trends Explore+Nigeria’

For an example search for and visit the site cited above, where it is written worldwide, click the small triangle, find and click your country, after a while it will return the country specific result.

Scroll down the page and you will see some surprises.

There is no use going into a declining market.

Declining markets are markets that other people doing the same business that you intend to do, are already booting out.

The lesson to learn here is that your business, even if it is profitable at inception, will not last for long. Using Sweden as in above search, the market for the search term ‘make money online’ have been trending in that country for the past 5 years.

Remember, trend, is an Investor’s best friend – Robert Kiyosaki.

3.2.5 Take decision

The above step is educative enough to enable you decide on the niche market you want to do business in. Further delay and research will result in confusion, information overload and paralysis analysis.


In our day, it is becoming increasingly easy to start or set up any type of business online and run it profitably. This is because there are free and effective online tools that will help you do a kind of feasibility study and market survey no matter where you are located in the globe.

This way you can know from the beginning if your planned business has good chance of success.


As in any other business, the easiest way to start your business online is by focusing in one particular niche from the beginning. Lessons learned on successfully operating in that niche can then be easily applied to others over time.


Just Do It, Now!

Start to practice what you have just learned right away.

Suffice it to say that you don’t need to spend ages on these steps since you can go over them again and again and get perfect with time and experience.

The most important thing for you is to start making money as soon as possible, after a while you will make enough money to be able to even outsource some of these tasks to experts.

Take Action, Now!


Source by David Udofort

Types of Data Transmission Cables


A transmission medium is required to carry information from a source to a destination. The information is usually a signal that has to travel a long distance. For this, the transmission media can be wired or wireless. In wired transmission, the signal travels along the cable from one device to another. But in wireless transmission the electromagnetic waves are transmitted without using a physical conductor. There are three types of cables such as.

1- Twisted pair cable

2- Coaxial cable

3- Fiber optic cable

Twisted-Pair Cable

A twisted pair cable consists of two copper conductors, each one with its own plastic insulation and twisted together. One wire carries the signal and other is used as ground reference. The advantage of twisting is that both wires are equally affected by external influences. So the unwanted signals are canceled out as the receiver calculates the difference between signals in two wires.

This cable is of two types such as.

1- UTP (unshielded twisted pair)

2- STP (shielded twisted pair)

STP cable has one extra metal shield covering the insulated twisted pair conductors. But this is absent in UTP cables. The most common UTP connector is RJ45.

The unshielded twisted pair cable is classified into seven categories based on cable quality. Category 1 of cables is used in telephone lines with data rate around 0.1 Mbps. Whereas Category 5 used in LANs having 100 Mbps data rate.

Performance of twisted-pair cable is measured by comparing attenuation versus frequency. Attenuation increases with frequency above 100 kHz.

These cables are used in telephone lines to provide voice and data channels. DSL lines and Local area networks also use twisted pair cables.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable (coax) carries high frequency signals than twisted-pair cables. Coax has a central core conductor of solid wire enclosed in an insulator, which is covered by an outer conductor of metal foil. This outer conductor completes the circuit. Outer conductor is also enclosed in an insulator, and the whole cable is protected by a plastic cover.

These cables are categorized by RG (radio government) ratings. RG-59 used for Cable TV, RG-58 for thin Ethernet and RG-11 for thick Ethernet. The connector used in these cables is called BNC connector; it is used to connect the end of the cable to a device.

Though the coaxial cable has higher bandwidth, but its attenuation is much higher compare to twisted-pair cables. It is widely used in digital telephone networks where a single cable can carry data up to 600 Mbps. Cable TV networks use RG-59 coaxial cable. Traditional Ethernet LANs also use this cable.

Fiber-Optic Cable

A fiber optic cable transmits signals in the form of light. Optical fiber use reflection to guide light through a channel. It consists of two main parts: core and cladding. Core is denser compare to cladding and is made up of plastic or glass. Cladding acts as a protective cover to core. The difference in density of core and cladding is such that a beam of light moving through the core is reflected off the cladding, instead of being refracted into it.

Two modes of propagation of light are possible in optical fiber such as: multimode and single mode. Multimode fiber allows multiple beams from a light source move through the core. In multimode step-index fiber, the core density remains constant from the center to the edges. But in multimode graded-index fiber, core density gradually decreases from the center of the core to its edge. Graded-index fiber creates less distortion in the signal compare to step-index.

There are two types of connectors for fiber optic cables. The SC connector is used for cable TV, and ST connector used for connecting cable to networking devices. Attenuation in fiber optic cable is very low compare to other two types of cable. It provides very high bandwidth and immunity to electromagnetic interference. Light weight and greater immunity to tapping makes it more preferable cable.

Fiber optic cable is often used in backbone networks because of its wide bandwidth and cost effectiveness. Local area networks such as 100Base-FX network and 100Base-X use this cable. Also it is used by cable TV companies.


Source by Aditya Smile

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising


People often get terrified when they hear the term pay per click (PPC) if they are not familiar with online advertising. It then gets worse when you tell them, PPC advertising can increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

As a matter of fact, PPC is quite a simple thing to understand if one consults with a PPC expert to understand the full details. Before one goes to consult an expert, I hope this article gives as insight in to the advantages of Pay per click advertising.

Pay per click, commonly abbreviated to PPC, is an online advertising method where your advertisement in text format is placed on the results page within a search engines. The Ad usually appears to the side and on top of the organic search results. You only pay for the advertising campaign if people click on your advertisement. Hence, the term Pay per click. Now, let’s proceed to the main advantages of this advertising method:

Immediate Results

It is no doubt a faster solution to deliver immediate results in terms of generating visitors to a website when compared to SEO (Search engine optimization). This is due to the full benefits of an SEO campaign taking weeks or months to become apparent. With PPC, your Ad will be visible on the search result page once your PPC campaign with either Google, Yahoo or MSN goes live. Within your campaign you define the amount you are willing to pay per click. This allows you to outbid other competitors so potentially your Ad will be displayed in the first PPC position.

Cost Control

You control your budget spent on each campaign. This is one way to ensure that your marketing plan for different sections of your products or services offered achieves the most targeted result. For instance, you may only want to spend $ 30 daily for product A and $ 100 daily for product B.

Geographically Targeted

A key benefit of using PPC advertising is that you can target your audience geographically. You do not need to have a physical store in Germany in order to target potential clients from Germany. All you need to do in the PPC campaign settings is select Germany as the targeted country. As a result, it will help you target highly qualified visitors to your website.

Seasonal Marketing Approach

If you sell a product or service that is dependent on the season, such as only being needed during the festive season, then PPC campaign can help you create a tactical campaign during the required time period. You can actually define Ad scheduling where you choose to run your campaign only on the exact days and in fact the hours you want. If you have certain promotion on a specific day, PPC is definitely your solution to reach the online crowd.


Source by Ken Mcewan

How to Increase Website Traffic Rewarding Your Audience


In this article, we will share some ideas about how to increase website traffic by creating a strong connection with your audience.

Your audience is unique and you should know what are their main concerns, worries, and dreams… your message should be laser-focused so that they identify you as a friendly and trusted voice carrying hope for a better way of doing things…


In that way, your audience will pay attention to your call and you will received an ample response of targeted website traffic… your best targeted persons in your audience.

No matters if they have defaulted to a hopeless spiritual state as they have felt overloaded, not being able to cope with the daily bombardment of information, which they even, cannot skim much less read all the magazines, books, self-help books, newspapers… and I have not mentioned the mobile world of fast info and continuous invitation to participate in all kind of deals.

Moreover, to make things even worse, they hardly can do half, the activities on their to-do list.


It is not a surprise that your audience is feeling incompetent and confused and creates a barrier around them to keep you away. If the content that you share with them does not respond to their needs you will not have the response that counts as a good-targeted website traffic

Thus, your message must be very well structured and with extreme empathy so that the person in your audience feels again that a new opportunity is knocking the door and he or she should attend…


Your message and the story should make sense to them, otherwise, their hearts will continue boiling in quiet despair… But do not give up, you should feel committed to helping your audience out of that state of quiet desperation. Share with them, content that addresses their needs. Use different formats like articles, videos, audio.

Once you have established a line of communication with your audience be patient while the trust and confidence is restored in their hearts and again believes that it is possible to be successful as a business entrepreneur.

In addition, your correspondence: emails, articles, videos, audio should make your targeted audience aware of the variety of unique products that specifically respond to their needs.

HONOR A FAIR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR AUDIENCE Avoid the temptation of making offers to your audience that only respond to your own interest. Your audience knows that you are in business but they always expect a fair business relationship with you.

Do not forget to invite your audience to participate in a two-way communication avenue by always having in your correspondence a call to action whatever it may be: Ask for feedback, comments, surveys, foster the best interaction possible with your audience.

Moreover as a way of cementing your relationship with your audience reward your audience with excellent high-value gifts… things that would contribute to their personal growth as business entrepreneurs. Invite to share the material with like-minded persons they happen to know.


In a nutshell getting to this point in the relationship with the audience will be the Holy Grail and the perfect scenario for having a huge website traffic explosion as a consequence of the growth of your audience as the word of mouth expands and reach a larger multitude willing to join your audience.


Source by Carmelo Humphrey

How Much Should You Spend On Pay Per Click Advertising?


The exact amount to be spent on Pay Per Click advertising depends on the nature of the campaign to be executed. As the name suggests, with PPC campaign advertisers need to pay every time when someone clicks on it. It is the popularity of the keyword that is going to determine the cost you need to pay.

Below, we have chalked out a framework that lets you calculate a realistic budget. This framework can be categorized into two stages namely testing and potential return on investment (ROI).

Stage 1: – Testing

It is absolutely not possible to figure out the budget to be spent right at the initial stage itself. You got to test many ideas and analyze the outcome to know the campaigns that might work and those that might not work. As an exception, the profitability of certain campaigns can be ascertained at the beginning stage. However, this happens in rare scenarios, when the competition level of target keywords is low. Explore, test and research your campaigns by investing a decent sum in this phase with no expectations of returns.

A proper understanding of certain basic components is vital before you test your campaigns out.

Cost per click for target keywords: – PPC model adopts an approach wherein irrespective of the number of times your ad appears, you are warranted to pay only when someone clicks on it. The cost varies with keywords, and Google offers an estimate of the amount you need to shed for each click. For example, the keywords “athletic shoes” and “body deodorant” commands a CPC of 5 AED and 6 AED respectively.

Prepare a complete list of keywords that you want to test and use Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to calculate the approximate estimate for every keyword. Please do note that it is just an estimate and not an actual cost. There might be an increase or decrease.

How long can be the testing phase?

The mistake many PPC campaign managers commit is by restricting the testing phase. Though there is no specific time period for testing phase and the benchmark amount to be spent during the testing phase, it predominantly depends on the industry and keywords chosen. For keywords with increased search volume, results are visible in a short span of time. When the search volume is low, testing phase gets elongated, and hence it will take time to obtain meaningful insights.

Prospective Sales Conversion Rates: – Arrive at an approximate estimation by considering that, it would be 1 in 100 people who will be viewing the ad and clicking on it and, another 1 in 100 people who will be getting converted as customers. Though it is just an estimate, in reality, your ad might command more or less traffic.

How to arrive at a testing budget?

The first thing is to decipher the cost for keywords to be tested. If you are able to convert 1 customer through 100 clicks, then the cost per sale should be inferred by dividing the cost per click by 1 percent. For a keyword costing $5 per click the cost of an estimated sale is $500.

Stage 2: – Potential Return on Investment (ROI)

Upon completion of the testing phase, the goal is to enhance the return on investment from AdWords. Many have doubts with regards to the tune of investment to be made in the ROI stage. If suppose that your ads are profitable and netting maximum returns, you can pump in more investment.

It is crucial to strengthen the quality of ad texts so as to increase the ad quality score in order to decrease the cost per click rate. On the other hand, it is equally important to focus on earnings per click. Earnings Per Click gives an indication of the amount your business can afford for every single keyword. Your campaign is considered to be profitable when you pay less.

Once you identify the prospective ROI, it is time to build a conversion-centric PPC strategy for your business. And, this should be very precise and should have taken into account all the insights obtained during the testing phase. The strategy so developed should be in tune with the overall business objectives. And, only then it becomes meaningful.


Source by Saji N