Facebook Ain’t Google


Facebook recently opened up an entirely new world of target marketing but if you try to make it work like Google PPC you’re going to get killed.

The Google Mindset

Let’s first talk about the Google mindset. Google is a search engine, a guide to the vast internet. In general people use Google for one reason, they are looking for something. These people are in a hunt mode and they trust Google to lead the way either with organic listings or relevant ads. For example if someone is looking for a woman’s leather coat they type in “woman’s leather coat” and boom the choices are laid at their feet. Now if your an advertiser there are several things you should do to lure that customer to your site

  • Create an Ad that uses “Woman’s Leather Coat” in the title and the body copy
  • Pick keywords directly relating to woman’s leather coat
  • Write copy that compels them to click on the ad
  • Send them to a relevant landing page

Get these things write and you could see a descent return on your investment.

The Facebook Mindset

Facebook is a completely different animal, people socialize in this world they aren’t looking for things, they’re interacting with their friends. The thing that makes Facebook so powerful is the thing that makes it so weak – groups are not keywords. Lets take the woman’s leather coat example.

  • No one on Facebook is actively looking for a woman’s leather coat, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there it just means their minds are not focused on woman’s leather coat.
  • On Facebook you don’t pick keywords you pick groups and there is no group for leather coat, leather, or even coats.
  • Unlike Google ads, key words aren’t highlighted because there are no key words.

So the question is how do you target your customer? You think laterally, think sideways, think like customer Sally Smith. So your ideal customer is fashion conscious, has the money to buy a leather coat and maybe a bit edgy. Hum, how about targeting groups that include people that like:

  • Project Runway
  • Fashion
  • American chopper
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • LA Ink

Next you narrow down the group by demographics:

  • Female
  • Aged 30 – 45 (more likely to have the discretionary income)
  • and maybe moderate and liberal political views

So using the scenario above we have now focused our ad on a group of approximately 4,060. Facebook is a social place, it’s all about people so what we want is a photo of a woman in the mid age range of our group wearing a stylish but somewhat edgy leather jacket. People pictures should always be your first choice for an image instead of a banner. Next the ad should be conversational not selly. The more focused your copy relates to this group the better. Maybe you regionalize the ad. For example:

People Love My New Jacket

I get so many compliments on my new leather jacket. Chicago winter nights can be cold but my new jacket keeps me warm. Coatworld.com

Finding the right combination is going to be a tough egg to crack on Facebook but if you can the rewards are going to be huge. As Ed Dale from the Immediate Edge says “It’s a Facebook Gold Rush”. Facebook is the new marketing frontier, let me know what works for you.


Source by Norm Lanier

Secrets to Creating a Successful Facebook Ad


Facebook has undoubtedly been recognized as one of the most effective marketing tools used by online advertisers today in promoting their goods and services. It is because the very popular social networking site has million of users, more than 500 million of them, which a post made in Facebook can reach to different FB users worldwide.

With this kind of popularity, online marketers saw a huge potential in using Facebook in making their campaign a success. You see, Facebook is widely used and popular among a big percentage of consumers all over the world. One way in utilizing the power of Facebook is by making a Facebook Ad. This platform is great way for your campaign to be known by placing advertisements on the specific range of your target market.

So, how would you start establishing a reputation on Facebook? Here are the keys you can use in creating a successful Facebook Ad. Of course, you would register an account on Facebook. As an account user and advertiser at the same time, you are advised to read the terms and conditions of the site to avoid being suspended or worst, acquiring termination. When you are ready, go to the Create Ad page and enter your desired URL. Your URL is the address of your advertisement page where your traffic will go to.

Next is to select your demographic. This will determine the target market of your advertisement. What is interesting about making your demographic is the ongoing paragraph generation while you are selecting your audience. It also displays the approximate market size for that demographic. Then create your Ad-Copy. Based on the Facebook's guidelines for ad copy, keep your advertisement specific and concise to attract more visitors as more interested viewers are more likely to join your page or purchase your goods. It is highly recommended to upload a photo of your product and include it on the ad copy as this will be your frontliner on the campaign. Keep in mind to have the correct resolution of your image to avoid displaying pixelated photo.

After creating your ad, decide whether you want to have the cost-per-impression (CPM) or the cost-per-click (CPC) route. You must consider your budget and your willingness to spend for a click just to acquire the best ranking. Cost-per-impression or the number of actual clicks your ad receives is a advisable if you are trying to spread awareness since it features a lesser cost. Meanwhile, the cost-per-click route is more effective in advertising than the CPM.

Next is to specify if you want to run the ad continuously or have a specified time of the day. And finally, review your ad and have your payment secured through credit card transaction.


Source by Jason Nyback

Facebook Paid Advertising – Pay Per Click Secrets


Internet marketing can be similar to traditional business marketing because you are also offering your products to potential customers who will likely buy it. The only difference would be the way you offer your products and the different strategies you apply to make your advertising campaign successful.

In online business, the pay per click advertising campaign can be a good option as a means of promoting your business. However, you need to apply the right strategies to get the business returns just like in traditional advertising.

Facebook paid advertising can be this viable option. Website owners have recognized this social networking site as a good advertising venue because of the millions of users going to Facebook and readers not only spend minutes reading but up to several hours.

However, the strategy you have to apply in Facebook paid advertising may not be similar to your search engine campaign. In SEO campaign, you have to know how much you can afford to bid for a keyword.

Before you start your Facebook PPC campaign, you have to know how much you can afford to bid for a keyword. Higher ranked keywords, particularly in Facebook paid advertising, can be more costly as these are the keywords that give high traffic.

A better strategy could be to target a large number of keywords which are lower ranked and less popular as these are less expensive. But using this large number of keywords as a group can probably give you a large amount of traffic and this can cost you less.

These relevant but no so high ranking keywords can cost you much less than the top ranked ones. However, bidding for a number of these keywords can still give you a larger volume of traffic and you may have realized a lot of savings.

However, it can be harder to manage a large number of keywords. To thoroughly analyze your PPC campaign, you have to track your listings.

With your Facebook paid advertising, you have to know which keywords are giving you the needed traffic. Since the relevant keywords should be tuned to readers' likes and interests, the need for tracking these keyword listings is of high importance.

You have to keep in mind though that starting your pay per click advertisement on Facebook does not require you to have a software program to help you in the set-up. You need only to know the cost per click you can afford for the relevant keywords.

And you have to remember also that bidding for low ranking keywords can fit your budget easily. But using more of these low ranked keywords can generate you the needed traffic for your PPC campaign.


Source by Jason Nyback

Why Would I Advertise On Facebook?


One of the common questions of online marketers today is, “why should I advertise on Facebook?” As most of us are aware, many businesses and advertisers are flocking to Facebook. This article aims to show you why these people think advertising on this social network is very important to become more successful in their online ventures. According to the latest Facebook statistics, this fast growing social media platform now has more than 800 million users all over the world. And what makes it more amazing is that the growth seems to be unstoppable. Imagine, you will have access to millions of people from all over the world who spend most of their time playing games, chatting with friends, liking pages and many other activities on Facebook. This is, no doubt, amazing!

Why advertise on Facebook?

If you have a business, or you own a company, or you want to expand the reach of your online business, then, Facebook is one of the best platforms that you should utilize. Here are the reasons why.

Fully Integrated Profiles

One of the best reasons why you should advertise on Facebook is that users have more specified personal profiles. This means that you can easily target the audiences you want your ads to reach. In creating Facebook ads for your business, you will need to choose the group of people that you want to target with your ads based on their ages, gender, interests, professions, etc.

Advertisers Competition Is Still Low Compared To Other Platforms

When we compare Facebook to other advertising platforms, this social network has a lower rate of competition as of now. So, this is the perfect time for you to stop asking yourself why advertise on Facebook. The best thing to do is to start creating your Facebook ads now to take advantage.

Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Cost You Much

Since the competition is still low, Facebook advertising is cheaper compared to other advertising venues. Facebook Ads can target a huge audience with purchasing power. Since you have closer interaction with your target audience, you can easily reach those users with great purchasing power. Facebook ads can be a great tool in lead conversions. Is this a good reason why to advertise on Facebook? Of course, every business wants to generate profit, so if you can target people who are most likely to buy your products or services, then, why not advertise on Facebook?

Reduced amount of ads per page

Another good reason why you should advertise on Facebook is the fact that your ads can have more exposure and emphasis on users’ pages due to the reduced amount displayed. Furthermore, you can conveniently add images to your ads to make your advertisements appear more likeable to your target audience.

Access to Various Facebook Advertising Strategies

When we talk of Facebook advertising strategies, we are referring to the accessibility to utilize Facebook to build your brand’s reputation, promote your business, build good relationships with your audience, etc. Anything that can result to lead conversions and pay per click earnings can be considered.

With the advantages mentioned, are you not still convinced why you should advertise on Facebook?


Source by AA Brooke

How to Make a Facebook Page and Use it For Marketing Your Online Business


There are now over 400 million registered users on Facebook worldwide, 100 million of whom live in the USA. Below, I will show you how to make a Facebook page so that, as an Internet marketer, you can tap into some of the traffic.

Facebook is the second most visited site on the internet and is fast becoming Google's biggest rival. Facebook Ads are also set to take a lot of business away from Google Adwords.

Facebook has simply become too big for any serious Internet marketer to ignore, but I am betting that a lot of home-based Internet entrepreneurs have not even begun to consider Facebook as being one of the most important weapons in their Internet marketing arsenal. This is because a lot of people still consider Facebook as being the place where you connect with your friends and family and feel uncomfortable mixing social chat with business promotion.

A solution to this problem is to create multiple Facebook accounts. The problem, though, is that Facebook strictly limits each person to just one Facebook account.

So, what can you do to tap into the huge amount of traffic that Facebook receives, but you're not ready to buy Facebook Ads and do not want to clog up the news feed on your personal Facebook page with a lot of business messages , sales pitches and spammy comments from "friends" who you've never met and who are hoping to do business with you?

One thing you could do is to edit your news feed to accept posts from people you want to hear from. While that is a good way to clean up your Facebook page without deleting business friends from your list, it does not do much to help you publicize your business brand.

The solution is to make a Facebook page. A Facebook Page can be used to market a specific product or service through your Facebook account. Once you make a Facebook Page, you can start promoting it and invite other Facebook users to become "fans" of your Page. Fans are different than friends, and their updates will not show up on your main Facebook site; although, news from any pages that you become a fan of will show up in your news feed.

Setting up Facebook Pages for each of your products or services is a great way to tightly segment your Facebook traffic into specific audiences and to keep your business activities separate from your social activities.

You can post text, photos, videos, discussion boards and numerous other Facebook applications to your Page. Your Page will also provide good link juice to your other webpages and blogs.

Speaking of blogs, you can publicize your fan Pages on your blog and set-up blog feeds on your fan Pages.

What kind of fan Pages will do well on Facebook?

Like everything else, it depends on how much effort you put into it, but it's good to know that the leading demographic profile on Facebook is the "young educated women" bracket, so if you can find a product or service to match that niche you might be onto a winner.

Facebook Pages are free and easy to set up. Make a Facebook To page, all you need to do is to go The Http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to get is started.


Source by John Baril

Facebook Paid Advertising Do's and Don'ts


So you've set up a Facebook account for your business, now what? Aside from applying all the marketing strategies that you have learned, you should also take heed of the things you should do and the things that you should not in order to be successful in Facebook advertising.

Read the following Do's and Don'ts to help you turn your fans into loyal customers.


  • Have a profile that is recognizable. For this you can use a company logo as your profile picture or products that carry your brand. You should also fill out significant information on your profile. For Facebook ads, use a catchy 25-character title in addition to a persuasive 135-word description of your company in the body text. Do not forget to make use of an appealing photo that is 100 x 80 pixels.
  • Make a connection with Groups and Pages to get the most out of Facebook advertising. Interaction with your fans is also highly recommended and also putting that extra effort of posting interesting information on your page. By updating your followers all the time, it will give them the impression that you are a serious marketer. There will be a big chance that your fans will surely patronize the products or services that you have.
  • Offer special deals to your followers. A lot of customers in Facebook look for sellers that do provide incentives, freebies, or discounts. This is worth the investment if you are to gain loyal customers in the end.


  • Spam your account. Even if you are selling a really good product or offer excellent service, spamming your wall and sending too many messages to your fans will have a negative feedback for you and your business.
  • Combine personal and business accounts. You should have separate accounts for your personal and business Facebook account. Although it may appear to be more authentic if you link your business page to a personal account, it will be better to have a dedicated page entirely for your own business.
  • Disregard comments and requests. It is very important to be approachable. Customers will feel valued and welcome if you respond to their comments and entertain their requests.

These are just some Facebook marketing tips that can greatly increase your chances of winning the hearts of your fans and followers. These people will soon enough become your future valued customers. That is why it is very important to pay attention to what you should DO and what you should NOT DO so that you can become successful in using Facebook advertising for your business.

Facebook has millions of users and applying these strategies to your target market will surely get you more customers than you could possibly want.


Source by Jason Nyback

Facebook PPC Advertising is a Goldmine – The New Frontier For PPC Advertising


Here is some info and guidelines about Facebook PPC Advertising:

We can get clicks for .30 -.60 cents per click much like the early days of Google PPC advertising. To our great advantage there is no competition now and we are able to get high quality traffic as long we target our keywords properly. In order to be successful on Facebook we must follow the rules they have set and be very aware they are much different than Google, keeping in mind that Facebook is a social media site. The good news is that if you follow the rules it is easy to place ads that stick and draw a high quality customers to your business.

Facebook’s advertising Rules are different than Google’s. Facebook requires the ads be engaging but not too slick and they cannot be too shocking or offense. As an example you cannot say Are you broke and sick? Or your wife is ugly and mine is not. Facebook requires that we place an image on all ads and it is to our advantage to write words on the image such as an e book or photo.

They also require the CTR of our ads be kept at 2% or higher. It is best monitor the CTR by watching it everyday for 2 weeks to be sure it stays at 2% or higher because if it falls below the required 2% Facebook will disable the ad.

Facebook requires that the ads always remain relevant. If your CTR is not as high as needed after 2 days look closely at the keywords used in your ad to determine if they are really relevant, compelling and not offensive in anyway. Using the free Google AdWords tool works just fine and can be found by going to Google and typing in free Google AdWords Tool.

Some rules for writing good ads:

All headlines should written in the form of a question and the image you use needs to tell the story and grab attention. If your using a photo of someone it should be smiling face or your image should represent your message and have text on it. Facebook does not allow large images or things like stop signs. Always make a specific promise in your ad.

Facebook’s No No’s when writing ads are:

It’s important not to break these rules otherwise Facebook will shut you down.

Always use upper and lower case letters in your title and be careful with your spelling and also not to use any slang, abbreviations or… Facebook does not permit any incomplete thoughts or the use of irrelevant images, symbols or anything offensive.

Next we’ll cover Bidding and Budgets:

Facebook is not like Google ad words when it comes to budgets. It is recommended to start bidding @ $50.00 per day or less. Facebook will deliver so there is no need to inflate your daily budget. If your budget is set at $500.00 per month then start with $15.00-$20.00 per day. Always go for cost per click not cost per impression.

Here is an important guideline to follow. Bid half the recommended amount for two days, then the highest recommended amount for the next two days to determine ROI. As an example.70 cents is the highest bid start so start @.35 then after 2 days increase it to.70 per click. Then evaluate the CTR and cost per lead to determine what to bid and then move forward.

It is exciting to learn that clicks on Facebook are about 25%-30% cheaper and you can get signed up and have your ads live in about 30 minutes or so. When you get to section in the signup to target age range most likely choosing ages 25 and over would work out best.

The Golden Rules Of Facebook:

Always give value and it is required the lead capture page your ad leads to has a value given video since Facebook is a social media platform. Readers rate your ad and will be sure to report you if you do not follow this rule.

You are not permitted to take your prospect to a stock Lead Capture Page that you may have with your training platform, you must customize it keeping in mind readers will be voting on your ad. Signing up for an account with Facebook is fairly easy and you should be able to get through it quickly.

Some Examples on how to write a Title:

– Write the title in your ad as a great question like Want to work from home? Or Want to make money online?

– Remember to put an image on your ad and I’m told it is easy to create in power point.

– You can use an eBook as an image if you like and may consider outsourcing this project for a professional appeal and to save time.


Source by Toni Mckeown

How to Create an Effective Social Ad


Facebook social ads are similar to Google's AdWords ads but they are a lot newer and so many people are still trying to learn how to create an effective social ad. Here are a few pointers to help you along.

Know Your Target Market In Order to Create an Effective Social Ad

The first step in creating an effective social ad is to understand your target market. Know who is most likely to purchase your products or services – how old they are, where they come from, whether they are men or women, etc. The better you know your target market the more you will be able to ensure that your social ads get to the right people.

Know Your Advertising Goals

Another important element in creating effective social ads is to know what you want to accomplish with these ads. Are you selling something or giving something away or are you simply trying to brand your business more? Understanding what you want to accomplish will help you decide what to include.

Think Carefully About the Wording You Use

When writing your Facebook social ad it is also important to think about the words you are going to use. If you are going for branding then you may want to use your company name as the headline but if you want to sell something then use a benefit of the product as the headline. Use words that appeal to your target market in the body and if you have used keyword targeting in your ad then use these keywords in your ad body as well.

Use a Picture to Speak a Thousand Words

Facebook also allows you to add a graphic to your social ad and you should make use of this opportunity – as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Get a picture that represents your company. If you are branding you may simply want to use your company logo but if you want to sell something then perhaps use a picture relevant to your offer.

Creating effective social ads means you need to understand your target market and your advertising goals and then use words and pictures to reach these. Keep your advertising simple and to the point with a strong call to action and you will see how beneficial Facebook can be for branding your business or marketing your products.


Source by Mitch Carson

Successful Campaigns for Facebook Advertising


Facebook advertising may be one that can give you more opportunities for your online business because of the wide reach it can give you and the more viewers you are making more possibilities of hooking up with. This is because of the hundreds of millions of active users Facebook have of which getting only 0.1% of these as your potential customers, already will be good for your business.

But you have to have a good idea about how to run a successful ad campaign with Facebook since it has really a different platform than with ad methods on the other networks. While doing ad campaigns, it will focus on customers already doing searches related what you are offering, doing ads on Facebook is offering something people that are not really wanting anything but merely socializing and doing conversations to acquaintances.

To make your ad campaign with Facebook successful you have to have a good idea of what type of people can lay interest on your products. This is a turnaround from campaign with the other networks where you make focus on the relevance of your products to those that viewers make searches on the internet.

The type of people who generally are interested to purchase your product is the type that you target and demographic can be furnished by Facebook where you can base your ads on. These data can include user’s ages, genders, likes, interests, and other data where people of these types are generally those who may be interested and can make two way exchanges of ideas which can ultimately lead to sales.

Facebook advertising is all about who you are trying to sell to, of which the general idea is not to make sales as your first objective because this might get your intended customers turned off since they are not on the social site as customers. Socializing is the main idea of getting into Facebook so you converse with your customers by leading them first to your fan page (this is where your ads can lead them to).

After you have identified your target customers with the demographics that you are basing your ads on, the ad copy is the next important thing to think of to make your ad campaign successful. This should also include the headings which should be compelling enough to make viewers click on your ads.

Making your ads well designed or having a good image that can really make viewers click on these, you can have good click through for your ad campaign and make your advertising efforts with Facebook successful. Getting good click throughs will be good for you because Facebook will automatically stop advertisements if you have very low click through rates.


Source by Jason Nyback

Facebook Marketing Strategies – Targeting Your Facebook Ad Part 2


Facebook marketing strategies as I mentioned in part 1, are very easy to implement once you know what you are doing, but using Facebook ads is much different from other PPC advertising. Using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your Facebook page or group is one of the fastest ways to build a marketing list of thousands.

I explained the importance of selecting the right image and text to place on your ad, but the most crucial step is setting your targeting correctly. First you need to select the country you want to target, and this will be based on what you are marketing and its relevance to a specific country, or language. As a rule of thumb I would suggest starting off by selecting USA.

Demographics: This is the where you have to do some research regarding the niche your Facebook page is based around. What you need to do is, type in to Google your product title or niche title for your page. Then find other sites that are specific for the niche or product that you are promoting. Once you have 1 – 5 sites copy the URL of each one in turn and go to Quantcast.com.

Quantcast.com is a site where you can enter a URL and it will give you information for the traffic that visits that URL. Quantcast also gives demographics of that sites traffic such as age and gender. Once you have tested each of the URL's at Quantcast you should now have a very good idea of ​​the age range and gender that your product or service will be more specific to.

You take your information and then enter it in to the demographic section of the Facebook ad you are creating. Stick to the age range and gender that gave the highest results on Quantcast. So if the research showed that it was females aged 25- 35, this is the information you put into the ad demographics section.

Likes & Interests: Here you need to type in what sort of likes your target group may be interested in. To start with try typing in your niche. If this gives you a target number of millions of people try narrowing it down a bit. So if your niche was Internet marketing try narrowing it down by trying something like, affiliate marketing. Just use your common sense, but do not add lots of different interests, you only want to have one or two, or three at most.

Connections: In this section just choose " anyone"

Advanced demographics: This is where you need to think about your targeted market. If your market age is 20 – 30 years old then I would suggest selecting "all", but if the age range was 18 – 25 you could be looking to choose single or in a relationship. As for "interested in" selection, just use your common sense. If your research showed you that your target market is female, on the whole most of those would be interested in men.

Education you can leave as "all" and place of work is only used if you are targeting a workplace based product to do with a certain company.

Campaign Budget: To start with you need to set your budget at $ 20, but you will be able to see how your ad is responding within the first 6-12 hours. If it is responding poorly you can stop the ad and try another ad campaign.

Pricing: Always choose Pay for Impressions, because you are then paying for each thousand clicks on your ad. Once you have selected that you will see a Max Bid figure appear, and alongside that will be a suggested bid, and this will give you price range you need to bid. Choose the lowest figure of the 2 figures given and then increase it by 2 cents. So if the lower bid figure is 21cents, you make your bid 23cents.

In part 3 of Facebook marketing strategies I will explain what happens once you have set up your ad and placed your order for your ad to run. So make sure you read part 3 of this Facebook marketing strategies.


Source by Garry Booton