Facebook – Changing the Way You Advertise On the Internet


The internet offers great opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs. If you want to make extra cash, but you do not want to quit your current job, then the internet is the place that you will want to go to. Online businesses are continuing to boom today and two businesses that many people are now making a lot of money from is internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

Here, you do not really need to have the product to sell. You will be marketing for other people who have the product or service. You make money advertising their offers.

Internet marketing may seem easy but it's really not. Even if you are experienced as a marketer on the real world, you will see that internet marketing is a new kind of marketing that will need new skills and new strategies.

If you are new to internet marketing, then you might want to know about Facebook marketing.

Unlike any other types of internet marketing, Facebook marketing is a lot easier but is as effective.

Basically, Facebook is a social networking website. Today, this particular website is now one of the most popular in the world. In fact, there are over 60 million subscribers and is continuing to grow very rapidly. With this kind of traffic, you know that this website is definitely the place to market in.

The next question that you may ask is how marketing in Facebook any different from other types of internet marketing. Basically, Facebook marketing is also internet marketing. But in Facebook, you will already have the traffic you want. Also, you have the tools necessary for you to market your website as well as the products or services your affiliate is trying to sell.

In Facebook, you first need to try and create your own network. You can easily start out adding your old friends, colleagues, and relatives in your network. Once done, you can now expand and start building new relationships, join groups that is particularly interested in what you are marketing, and after all these things are done, you can start marketing by using some of the great applications or tools that Facebook provides.

And, the best thing about all these things is that everything you read is absolutely free. For this kind of internet advertising, you do not even have to pay a dime.

In Facebook, you can also use its official marketing tool called Facebook Ads. This is a pay per click advertising tool, which means that you need to spend money. Although this is the case, you will see that Facebook Ads is definitely well worth the money.

Also, instead of starting out with a hundred dollar a day budget for your Facebook Ads advertising, you will see that Facebook Ads can let you start advertising in as little as 10 dollars a day or even 5 dollars. This is great if you are just starting out and is still experimenting with your advertising ideas as you do not have to invest quite a large sum of cash for it.

So, the next time you try internet marketing to market your website, you might want to try marketing on Facebook. Here, you will see that you will have everything that you will ever need. From traffic to tools to great advertising programs, Facebook will be able to provide it all.


Source by Ronnie Wilson

Benefits of Facebook Advertising For Your Business


Facebook is a great alternative to search engine based advertising for many reasons. Although search engine traffic is accepted as being better, Facebook does have some major advantages.

Facebook advertising is much cheaper. Due to less advertising competition, you can run a campaign for a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords. In this sense it is ideal for people just starting out online, and small business owners who can not afford to run an AdWords campaign.

Facebook advertising is incredibly highly targeted. It has information on the account holders age, location, education, employment, marital status, interests, and many other valuable pieces of data. Using this enables you to create highly targeted and personal ads, as well as display ads to people in your key demographic. Google AdSense displays your ads to everyone regardless of this.

Another big plus is that Facebook allows you to include your own images in your adverts. Images can be very powerful in advertising, for example you can actually show images of your products. This is great for drawing people's attention to your ads, and will result in more clicks.

You can also place up to 135 characters in a Facebook ad, which is nearly twice as much as Google. This enable you to put together a much more descriptive advert, and increase your chances of convincing the user to click on your ad.

These factors mean that creating an ad campaign with Facebook can be incredibly powerful for your business. If you have enough funds, then it is nearly always advisable to run Facebook and Google campaigns side by side, but for those on a budget, and those looking for other ways to increase their sales, Facebook advertising is a must try system. Now is a great time to get on board as it will no doubt become very popular over the next few years, and as a result, more expensive.


Source by James Culvers

Facebook Advertising Tips That Work


If you are tired of trying to advertise on Google AdWords and only losing money, it might be time to give Facebook advertising a try. In spite of its youth, Facebook is growing quickly. Advertisers are actually reporting a good number of conversions coming from their ads running on Facebook, which is a positive sign. This means that there are lots of profits available to those who want to reach out and take them. Here are three easy tips that you can use to make sure your Facebook advertising turns a profit.

So what exactly should you do with your Facebook traffic once you get some? Obviously you should send it to a landing page, but what kind of landing page should you use? The fan page you made on Facebook! That's right: you can increase your conversions by sending your site traffic to the fan page you've made on Facebook. Lots of new advertisers do not yet realize just how beneficial it can be to send traffic to a fan page. If you use your website instead of the fan page, you'll notice that the CTR and as well as the conversion rate is lower. Facebook users are more comfortable with fan pages because it is easier for them to click the "like" tab to show that they are a fan.

Your chance for conversion is better with a fan page because you have the ability to interact with them personally there. The more people you get to your fan page the better off you are. Use this strategy and you'll see for yourself how well it works out. Facebook advertising would not be able to attract the advertisers they do if it were not possible to target your market audience. You can tap into these groups and actually bring a high response because these people are passionate towards that niche, which increases the likelihood of them clicking on your ad often. If you're a beginner, then you should learn something about writing PPC ads, or classified ads, and then practice writing them. The best approach is to present your benefits so that people feel them as much as possible. So the secret to longevity with your ads is to have compelling and strong copy that converts well.

Let's not forget about keywords and getting the most out of your campaigns. You'll be casting your net far too wide if you only base your campaigns on demographic criteria. There are some instances when you can safely target wide, but they are probably not the norm. You can decrease click prices by targeting smaller niche markets with keywords just like you do everywhere else. When you're advertising on Google AdWords, your ad is given a quality score to make sure it's relevant enough. Facebook's algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google's, but it still has code that looks at relevance. The more relevant ads you use for you Facebook advertising, then the better they'll perform – all things considered.

There's no reason why you should not be able to see positive returns from Facebook advertising. In many ways, this is just like writing classified or PPC ads, and it's imperative you do solid market research. If you are a beginner to IM or Facebook advertising and have little experience, then you will do fine as long as you approach this as a serious business activity.


Source by Jim A Zimmermann

Rules on Facebook Advertising You Must Follow


If you have a business on the internet you will probably have it advertised on networks that have the most number of users which enable you to maximize your reach. Facebook can be one of these networks because of its great numbers of active users and is interesting to note that Facebook users usually log on daily and spend a longer time on their Facebook pages than on other sites on the net.

So you are making the most of these scenarios, and you set up a page on Facebook for your business so that when you have an advertisement you can lead viewers to this page. But after you have gone to all the tedious work of setting up an interesting and an attractive business page, you do not want Facebook disabling your account because you are breaking the rules on setting up a business page.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a really attractive business page, and you would not want it to be disabled by Facebook because the rules are not met. And when your account is removed from Facebook you will not be able to create another account without approval from the social networking site.

There are rules and guidelines provided by Facebook for online business owners when they create and promote a business page and these rules must be followed religiously. Facebook is not only strict in implementing rules in business, page creation and promotion but also strict in implementing advertising rules.

Creating a personal profile for your business can make your account disabled and the best thing is to make it a business page because this is allowed. Facebook rules state that you have to provide your real name and other personal information when you register an account, and only one personal account is allowed.

And Facebook has strict rules for running promotions on your business page and no prior written consent can make your page be removed from the social site. If you are running a promotional effort or have ads on Facebook you can publicize this on your blogs or other contents in the other networks

However, when you advertise or promote your business page on the other networks you must not make it appear that this promotion is endorsed by Facebook. You can invite other users by being a fan to your business page or fan page.

Facebook is really very strict with regards to advertisements (they really take a close look at your ads before having it approved) and the creation of your business page. If you break the rules you will risk the removal of your page and your account with Facebook and you will not be able to create another account.


Source by Jason Nyback

Characteristics of a Successful Facebook Ad


To date, Facebook holds roughly 14 million users and the number just keeps shooting up like bacteria. If Mark Zuckerberg was president and Facebook was the country he was ruling, he would have perhaps the third largest country in the whole world next to India and China.

Taking that fact and using it to your marketing advantage, 14 million users translates to 14 million potential customers that might be interested – or if you are lucky, might just buy – your products or the services that you are trying to promote online. But while millions and millions of people are in Facebook every single day, there is one catch for every online marketer out there – how to find them.

Because of its relatively new approach, the Facebook advertising platform is one of the most interesting and encouraging online territories to explore. The advertising platform of Facebook is unique, since it lets an advertiser display small thumbnails of ads at the right sidebar of the user profiles and pages.

Compared to Google AdWords, the advertising layout of Facebook is way behind. However, Facebook and Google AdWords are two completely different advertising worlds hence comparing the two is impractical and a total waste of time to begin with.

Several advertisers have braved to place their ads on Facebook in the hopes of tapping into even just a portion of that 14-million audience. But among the many who dared, only a few came out successful in the end.

How did they do it? Well here are some of the things that some of the most successful Facebook advertisers had in mind when they were waging their Facebook ad campaigns.

  • A clear target

The great thing about Facebook ads is that it gives the advertiser the freedom and the privilege to narrow down its ad requirements into certain targets, whether by geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace, and keywords. Remember that demographics are clear-cut, so it is up to you how you will maneuver the data to work for your advantage.

  • A strategic plan

The next logical thing to do once you have made your target is to think of ways to attract and engage your target. You need to decide if you want to bring the Facebook users to your own website or to a Facebook profile or Fan Page dedicated for your products or services.

You need to come up with a plan on how to engage and lock your target down so that your ad campaign will be effective.

  • A budget

Of course, no one goes into war without enough ammunition and I'm not talking about. Facebook advertising works a little similar with Google AdWords in terms of having to bid for keywords and compete in order for your ads to be shown, and you clearly need a budget for that.


Source by Jason Nyback

Facebook Tips – Using Fan Page Ads For Greater Online Presence


Many companies today are jumping off the traditional website traffic generation tactics and moving towards social media site advertising, such as on Facebook (FB).

Many decide to try and develop more retail website activity using a variety of tactics when their present strategies are generating only a modest amount of sales. They re-design their website and have it search engine optimized. Next they decide to add online advertising and establish a budget for Google's AdWords "pay per click" service. Even after adding these historical favorite traffic generators Their efforts increased website traffic and sales only marginally.

With the advent of social media, I suggest to all online marketers to try FB advertising as it has generated business for most companies who try it. They create a FB ad targeting their specific niche market demographics utilizing keywords.

Most who take the time to write ads properly see results immediately. Many who poll their customers after a sale on how they heard about them and Facebook is mentioned as the main source of referral over 60 percent of the time. One marketer told me after only three months of advertising on FB over 40 percent of clicks to their website came from FB pages. The balance of clicks came from other social media sites, direct address and links (40%), and Google and other search engines (20%). On the smaller end, companies can reap great results with a daily FB budget of $ 20 to $ 30 per day.

Initially when Facebook's interface for ad creation and updating started it was a bit cumbersome to use but that has been improved.

Overall most businesses who incorporate Facebook ads to generate wholesale and retail activity are happy with the results. After comparing the cost and return on print advertising dollars, many companies reallocate some of their advertising budget from print to FB for the rest of the year. FB provides a good advertising value for a fair price allowing any marketer to target its specific demographic.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

Do you want to learn more about Social Media?


Source by David Hale

Facebook Pros and Cons – The Benefits of Facebook Versus Its Downsides in Advertising


It turns out that 80% of Google AdWords revenue comes from the top 1.4% of advertisers. That means the big corporate sponsors. I find this ironic and funny, in that it was us, the small-timers, who gave AdWords the power to get up and running. All people tend to do is scramble for PPC, and it is averaged about 50% of your expenses on AdWords are wasted, seen by those who are uninterested and clicked on invalidly. In fact, it is averaged that 20% of PPC costs are from invalid / fraudulent clicks.

Facebook allows you to create a profile of the kind of client you want to advertise to, and advertise only to them. This is called people targeting. By advertising this way, you can reach a more targeted and broader audience. You have the opportunity to alter your ads in order to appeal to specific demographics, instead of having one ad that can be viewed by everyone (as you would with Google). It is relatively very cheap at the moment. It's advertising platform is very strict with ads to keep the website social and friendly to users. That means NO big time spam ads. This is a BIG discouragement to many businesses, which is what makes it better for YOU, the smart advertiser.

Downside to Facebook Ads

There is a problem with Facebook, in that people do not go there to shop, they go to there to … well hang out. This does not mean that you can not successfully market to them, but rather, you must learn new marketing techniques useful for capturing the attention of Facebook users. By doing so, Facebook advertising can be extremely profitable for you. This is an interesting aspect, in that if you have the patience to learn these techniques, you are already a step ahead.

Since Facebook users are not necessarily searching for a Gas Saving ebook, it is crucial to grab their attention and hold it just long enough to get them to act – either by remembering your name, calling you, or entering their contact information, thereby becoming your newest lead.

The First Step to Success = Getting people to click your ad.

You have to practice, rework, research, and create an ad that grabs the user's attention long enough to click on the ad.

The Second Step to Success = Getting people to take Action

The website that you send them to when they click on your ad is a super important component. You have to decide what kind of action you want them to take when they land there.

Basically, this means that you want them to see your name and remember it, or call your office, or enter their name and email to join your mailing list, or call for more information.

The Third Step to Success = Following Up .

Maintaining old customers while simultaneously acquiring new ones. All of these things may sound mind blowing, but it's something that, once learned, will be easy to do.


Source by Frederick Jemie

5 Tips For Effective Advertising of Facebook Pages


Advertising of Facebook pages are becoming really popular among businesses, small and big alike. Undeniably, Facebook leads the pack when it comes to social networking. And the thing about social networking is, it has the power to reach every user wherever in the world and whenever; turning them into potential customers.

So, if you are engaged in business on Facebook, you can always have a high probability of success by engaging with the right people online. Moreover, it's also good to know that advertising of Facebook page can be effectively implemented with a recipe or guidelines. Here are the lists of simple and practical tips on how to succeed in advertising on Facebook:

1. Set-up a Fan page on Facebook for your company. You can not advertise your product without your account on Facebook, so you have to create your fan page for your brand or company and make all those users as friends. The bigger the number of people who know about you and your brand, the higher is the chance to make them your clients.

2. Make your Creative Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are the item that can be seen on the right side column in your Facebook pages. It's up to you as to what image you are going to use but be sure it is catchy and relevant to your brand or product you are advertising. To increase chances of getting more counts of your audience, offer something clickable for them, for instance, a contest, gifts, tests, famous artists, etc.

3. Know your target audience. What is best in advertising of Facebook page is you can filter for your own target market. But you have to make sure that your chosen criteria are relevant to your business. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask what interests might fit to the campaign you made. Some information that is very useful to the users such as education, relationship, work place and birthdays can be a great idea. In more personal approach, you can attract your audience's interests by sending wishes in their birthdays and offering a free gift or an announcement for your batch reunion that are clickable, so you increase another rate on your conversations.

4. Keep your Ad simple and easy to understand. Do not display your advertisements to your audience by using a language they do not understand. If possible, use language that most of the users understand even a little if not well. Avoid using complex sentences. Make use of simple, grammatically correct and complete sentences in a readable way.

5. Read and understand the Facebook Advertisement guidelines. Advertisers should bear in mind the do's and don'ts in advertising of Facebook page. This is to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort due to the cancellation, rejection or removal of your ads if you ignore the rules and regulations on Facebook ads.

At this point, once your ads run, Facebook will record and report how many people have seen and clicked your ads and at the same time, Facebook will provide you the total audiences' information.

By making your advertisements more personal and engaging, you bring yourself closer to your target audience and they are more like to respond positively. Try to win their confidence and their heart using your creativity and rapport. Implement a solid advertising of Facebook page scheme and not some hit-and-miss strategy.


Source by Victoria Murphy

Will Facebook Social Ads Help Your Business Grow?


So you've built a beautiful website, created a SEO optimized WordPress blog, and packed it with your best content. You've done solid market research, carefully optimizing your site for the search engines with long-tailed keywords. And now you're busy promoting that site by:

– Submitting articles to directories
– Including a clear "call-to-action" at the end of every post
– Networking on related forums and social media

And still no visitors coming in to your "web treasure" like you wishfully thought?

Now here's one other strategy you might want to consider – one that at first may seem premature for a new blog or website. And that is advertising on Facebook. Facebook Social Ads sure is not for everyone, of course – but if you fit a certain profile, it can be the fastest way to turn your site or blog into an authority site and increase it's page rank.

You could invest in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign – if you're going to pay for advertising at all. But anyone who has tried to find a good keyword with competition that is not overwhelming, then register a dot com domain for it, knows all too well that finding that keyword unregistered is akin to winning millions on the lottery.

Choosing the Right Keywords

And if you pick a keyword with heavy competition, no one's going to notice you. Especially if you're just using that long-tail for SEO purposes, rather than purchasing PPC. (And this is especially true for internet marketers – one group fully aware of and savvy to keyword SEO – unlike, for example, the majority of people in, say, knitting forums, where the main interest is knitting; not marketing.)

If you do have a clear niche, however, and a strong demographic that is narrow and precise, your fastest road to creating a profitable presence could be to invest in a Facebook Social Ad. You can purchase one inexpensively, run it for a set amount of time – and have your site spread via the best route of all: The buzz created among your social network friends (all of whom are sitting there, right in your specific niche demographic) .

Remember, this is an experiment. Set your daily allotment low, and track it. (Facebook does allow you to do that.)

How to Maximize Your Facebook Ads

Make the most of Facebook ads' graphics ability, and add an appealing photo or image (just look at those Facebook ads down the right-hand side of your profile page, to see examples of visually strong ads). And Facebook's ability to geo target by city, state and country is one of its best ad features. If your website or blog is dependent on location (ie "New York Wedding Photography") and you've also created a Fan Page on Facebook, you may find you've got it made.

One caution, however: Do make sure that you actually do use strong, specific keywords for your niche in your ad headline and body text. Keep the focus narrow to that one single, specific group. Remember that Facebook's participants are predominantly (but not exclusively limited to) the female 18-34 range. If you were running a site that wanted to sell to a strong male demographic in a different age range, you'd need to make sure there was a good sprinkling of active Facebook groups and fan pages in that field visibly populated with males, before you went ahead with your ad.

Remember – keep your daily costs ultra low, your target laser pointed – and enjoy lot's of success with your Facebook Social Ads!


Source by Marcus Schroefel

Facebook Social Ads – The Demographic Pay Per Click


In the world of online marketing, one impressive dynamic most people believe Google has cornered is the Pay Per Click advertising. Although Google AdSense and AdWords are incredible and impressive methods of generating traffic and income, Google now has competition. Facebook is running a newly released Pay Per Click Program that can be specified down to the target demographic, something more specified than available through Google. The obvious intention of the Facebook Social Ads program is to rival the Google PPC program, and the design of the program is poised to do just that.

Many online businesses seek a quick return for their advertising dollar, and pay per click programs is ideal for this. The Facebook Social Networking group identified this, and has chosen to create an impressive pay per click program, that will maximize the advertising dollars by combining click quantity with click quality. The combination promises to be explosive for the online marketers and those maximizing on the Facebook Flyer revenue. As many companies will flock to the demographic designed flyer program, an equal number of people willing to share the advertising space will grow by leaps and bounds, as occurred shortly after Google introduced the pay per click option in volume.

The world-renowned social network has newly released its pay-per-click program with cost-per-click as well as cost-per-impression fee structures. The attractiveness of advertising through a social network is the ability to choose particular target demographics. Should you not know who your intended demographics are, you are able to utilize Facebook to identify an audience acutely likely to take advantage of your ads. Before a marketer even lists their ads with Facebook Social Ads, the advertiser can use their demographic identifying search and Facebook Polls and see how the pay per click campaign can expand and demographically target the total possible audience available to market to.

Facebook has created an easy, customer friendly interface, which is incredibly simple to comprehend. The reporting given to the marketing client includes the complete demographic data, ad performance, trends related to the ad, and how many clicks generated. Facebook Flyers Pro is designed to be the most complete user friendly, marketer friendly program currently available, although the program is still new to the marketplace it is poised to be a true Google competitor. It is set to create a broad foundation for marketing opportunities, with a target for the home-based businesses.

The volume potential for the Facebook PPC vs. Google is huge, primarily because the Google PPC program is designed to reach an incredibly broad audience, with little discrimination as the ads appear above the standard search results. In theory this would be a prudent application, however if the demographic can be further narrowed, as is possible with the Facebook Pay Per Click, the quality of the click will expand the participating businesses significantly as those clicking will be specific to where they would like to see business generated. And those who fit into the specified demographic may be more interested in purchasing services and products from the companies involved.


Source by Zvi I Gat