What Is a Pingback and Should I Approve It?


Pings happen.

When you are running a website using blogging software, you automatically tap into a special publishing alert system. You’ll get pings. In blogging, a ping is a special signal that the blog-publishing software puts out to notify other servers when the content of your blog is updated.

This is better for you than waiting for an indexing robot to crawl up and see if you’ve got something new. Blog software automatically tells special indexing servers what’s new with your blog, as it happens. This helps distribute your new items much faster than the time it takes for the Google indexing robot to crawl your blog.

This way, people and blog news publishers become aware of your new material promptly, like a news flash.

A Ping is Computer Talk for “New Thing”

This ping technology, and the way it speeds up the spread of new content, is one of the reasons to start and run a blog, provided you can keep publishing new content. It’s a good marketing practice to take advantage of technology that automatically draws attention to things that are new.

The flip side of a ping is a ‘pingback.’ This is the notice your blogging program receives when another blog re-publishes a page that links back to your content.

Say you publish press release. Say this release has a link to your blog. Every time a news organization republishes your release with the link, the publishing servers send out an automatic signal about the link. Your own site receives the signal as a way to verify that the link is good. This double-check means pingbacks are less prone to spam than other kinds of notices.

Some pings, like some rings, are more valuable than others

Your blogging software is probably programmed to notify you when it gets pinged after someone publishes a link to your content. You’ll see something like this:

A new pingback on the post “Johnny Gets a Ping” is waiting for your approval http ://www.example.com/johnny-gets-pinged-post

Website: [A New Article based on Johnny Gets a Ping]

URL: “http://www.the-publishing-url/the-page.html”

Pingback excerpt:

[…] this is where you see a snippet of the other site’s content[…]

Because it’s automated, this is not the easiest type of message to understand at first.

A pingback message is simply a notice to you every time a link to your content is published ‘out there’.

This is good to know when people are publishing or linking back to your stuff.

Now, your next step is to decide what to do with the pingback notice.

Your choices are:

  1. Spam it;
  2. Approve it;
  3. Trash it

To decide, follow the link back to where your piece appears on the other website. Here’s what to check for

Does the other article look like an original, well-written piece you and your readers would respect? – Approve it. This shows your reader the other site that is linking to you. You are building relationships with well-regarded people in your niche. Good for you.

Is the article from a competitor and you’ve decided not to show pings that take your readers to your competition? – Trash it.

Is the ping from a site that looks like a fake blog (flog) or a spam blog (splog) with automated-looking content and little sign of human involvement?

– Trash it.

Is the ping from a spammy looking site? Spam it – you don’t want such sites linking to yours. Marking it as spam can trigger your software to block future ping requests from this site.

If, after reading this, you still don’t understand what the ping is all about, don’t worry. When you see the word ‘ping’ think ‘link’. Do you want to link back to the person linking to you? Approve those, and you can safely ignore everything else.


Source by Joanne Masterson

Make Money Online


In today’s economy a lot of people are wondering how to make money online. The secrets to making money online are the same as making money in the “real world”: Hard work, creativity, innovation and knowledge. The Internet is the real world, it just has some aspects that allow a person of lesser means compete with people with much deeper pockets. That is its biggest draw.

Hard Work

Perhaps the biggest myth to making money online is that you don’t have to work hard. This is far from the case. In fact, in the beginning you might be working harder than you are now. Most people who succeed online do so by working very hard work at whatever project they are doing online. They did not just put up a website and sit back and wait for checks to flow in. They worked hard to get their businesses off the ground and were rewarded for it. A person who wants to make money online will have to commit several hours a day at least and lots of sweat equity to the project. If you’re not prepared to work hard forget about making money online. You have a chance to make a good deal of money online but you do have to earn it.


The people who make the most money online are those who come up with new ideas and concepts. Whether it’s SEO marketing, blogging, selling through Twitter whatever somebody had to create it. The biggest fortunes will be made by those who are willing to create something new and work hard at it. This has been the case in the “real world” for some time. It was Bill Gates who decided the PC need a new operating system Now he can give away billions and not miss it. The same creativity takes place now on the Internet.


After the creators the people who make the most money online are the innovators. These can be those who come with a new idea or those who have the courage to try and implement a new idea. If an innovator sees something new that looks like a big money maker they try it, they adapt it and they start doing it. In many cases innovators simply take somebody else’s idea and run with it. Next time you see a really great money making idea don’t just try to figure out how you can get in on it. Instead, try to figure out how to do it better. That will make you an innovator. It was Henry Ford who realized cars could be made efficiently with an assembly line process. That innovation changed the way cars are built.


The old saying that knowledge is power has never been truer. The online world is all about knowledge; those who have the most knowledge will succeed online. That means learn as much about your business or product as you can. Read, do research online, talk to others in the business, or develop a mentor relationship with a more experienced marketer. Do whatever it takes to get more knowledge and you make money online.


Source by Dawn Mendonca

MLM Success Is Not a Dream


Many people think MLM success is a myth and not a reality. Success is not a myth; it may not be the mind of success that one desires. It is not a dream either and it does require work. Planning is very important in the early stages. However, one does not simply start running a business without the right skills and knowledge. So, take a measure of your skills and experience before moving forward.

Bringing the MLM success from dream into reality

MLM success does not have to elude people. Given enough time, effort and adjustment success will come. The biggest deal for people is the ability to target the right prospects. Not family and friends but people looking for a particular solution or opportunity that you provide. The first step is planning g out your ideal prospect, you can find a buyer’s profile template online. This profile, if done correctly will tell you how to market to them and where. You will need factual data for the firm, this data drives everything in your marketing.

Every MLM success story can be traced back to the buyer’s persona. The next stop after developing one to four persons is picking a marketing strategy. Every marketing strategy has to be created from scratch, this ensures proper respect to your marketplace and prospects. If you try to use another strategy from someone else, it may not work at all. Plus, the copyright infringement lawsuit can be ugly.

How to bring sales into alignment with MLM success

After creating a marketing strategy, you need to build up on the sales components. Marketing and sales need to work together in order for you to achieve MLM success. Some of the sales elements are tied directly into your marketing, while others are strictly based on sales alone. Advertisements are one example of sales and marketing being linked together. Product pages with a shopping cart is for sales alone.

Your website will be the ground in which marketing and sales will have to play ball together. Achieving MLM success depends on everything working in sync. Do not worry about the technical side of website design, unless you have prior experience or you have a ton of time to do the studying. Make sure the site is easy to use for the visitor that means “user friendly”. Do write a blog on your site, this will help in many ways.


Source by David L. Feinstein

LEGO 7905


LEGO 7905 comes with excellent reviews which include statements like In my opinion, this is one of the best town sets LEGO has created in a very long time, probably since the early 90’s from Gary D Sabol and I am a big LEGO fan and I think this is one of their better sets. from R Ferguson.

It comes with a huge 721 LEGO pieces so will certainly keep them occupied for a while. I am expanding our own LEGO City range – I think I am as addicted as my boys. The attention to detail is just amazing.

LEGO City started out as a different name, in the beginning it was called LEGO Town. It has changed names many times along the way. After LEGO Town it was called LEGO Land and then World City and now it is called City. LEGO City is a range that has had more items produced every year since 2005. There has always been a demand for LEGO City and this is probably due to the fact that LEGO move with the times and change the design of their boxes accordingly.

The LEGO 7905 crane is being searched for a lot on Google at the moment which is not surprising if you look at all the detailed features that come with it. It comes with a rotating bottom, a part of the crane extends to run the length of the boom, lower and raise the two containers with the winch and many more features make the LEGO 7905 a realistic addition to LEGO City.


Source by Hayley L Hewitt

Advantages of Writing Movie Reviews


Television commercials on new releases are enough to entice millions of movie lovers who run off to the movie theatres to watch those movies. These movie commercials are created to hoodwink the audience. A commercial tends to show that a movie is simply amazing, whereas when a movie buff actually sees it, he finds it to be a complete flop picture. Just by watching these commercials, movie buffs run to theaters and waste their money to watch flop films that do not even stay in the theaters for a week. There is one simple way through which movie buffs can actually save their money. They can visit various movie review websites, if they are keen to know about new releases. From these movie review sites, movie buffs come to know people’s opinions about a particular movie. On the basis of the review a movie buff can take his decision (whether to watch it in the theater or categorize it as a flop movie).

Movie review writing has become quite popular these days. With numerous movie review sites out there in the Internet, many people are actually writing genuine and useful film reviews. In fact, many content writing firms are hiring talented copywriters to write genuine and proper film reviews and then, posting these reviews to various movie sites. Apart from E book writing, blog writing and posting, website content writing and article writing, the firms rendering online content writing services, are urging their copywriters to write reviews on the newly released films. Individual movie critics are also writing film reviews. By checking the reviews, people can actually take their decision on watching a movie. A bad review of a newly released movie will definitely deter a person from watching that movie.

Most of the movie review websites are free sites where people can visit and read reviews any time they wish. The user can also register to some of the movie sites. This allows him to write reviews about the films he has watched. After all, others might also be interested to know about the films that you have watched. Registration is very simple procedure. All you need to do is to follow the steps and get your name registered in the particular site.

Among the varied movie review sites The New Release Hall, IMBD and the rottontomatoes.com offer the best reviews of the newly released films. The registration process is simple and once you are a registered member, you can read free film reviews and write and submit your own reviews as well. A bad movie can spoil your mood and interest. Moreover, it also burns a hole in your pocket as you spend dollars to watch a flop movie. So it is always better to visit one of the movie review sites, read the review of a newly released movie and then, decide whether it is worth watching in the theater.


Source by Bhavesh B

Unique Selling Point: Why Should People Listen to You?


There is no lack of gurus and experts on the internet. Take a look in any industry represented online and you will find numerous websites and blogs declaring that they are your number one source for information about the topic at hand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, if you want to increase blog traffic and develop a dependable readership then you must position yourself as an expert in your field.

However, the number one question you need to ask before you spend the time and energy building your website is why should people listen to you?

What is the Value of You?

I’ve talked before about the value of knowing who your target market is and ensuring that you are giving them what they want. However, this goes a little bit above and beyond that. Let’s face it, you could probably swing a cat and hit at least ten other experts offering the same information you are providing the consumers in your market. What makes your advice better than your competition? What’s your edge?

What’s your unique selling point?

A unique selling point is something that makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s something people are not able to get from anyone else and the main reason your customers want to do business with you. It is why certain bloggers are able to command thousands of blog readers while others offering same exact information can only commandeer a few dozen. If you want to increase blog traffic, then you need to figure out what your unique selling point is and market that as a benefit to your readership.

For example, take two different types of soda: Pepsi and generic. Even though generic sodas are cheaper (sometimes as much as 50% less than brand name sodas) people still purchase Pepsi by the caseload. Why? Because of the taste.

Pepsi’s unique selling point is the way it tastes. That is something that cannot be replicated in generic brand sodas no matter what they may say on their packaging. When people purchase a Pepsi, they are confident they are going to get the taste they are after. That confidence dips significantly when they consider the generic brand. Even if the two brands are sitting side by side with an obvious price difference favoring the generic soda, people will pay more for the Pepsi.

Likewise, people will pay more attention to you if you have a unique selling point they like that they can’t get anywhere else.

Tips for Discovering Your Unique Selling Point

Discovering your unique selling point requires some research and some hard thinking about what you are truly offering your clients.

* Look at your top competition. How are they different from you? How are they similar? Read their blog posts. What posts are getting the most comments and why? Read their testimonials. What are the customers saying they love most about doing business with them? If the clients are reachable, you could even go undercover and ask for a recommendation and see what they say.

* Evaluate your target market. What things are most important to them? What problems are they trying to solve with the products, services, or information available in your industry? Is there a need that is not being fulfilled?

* Determine what is unique about your company. What are your values? What problems do you solve for your customers? How are your products better than your customers? If you are offering the same exact thing, how can you increase the value of them?

Finding your unique selling point may involve running with an idea and then fine tuning it over time. It is worth the effort, though, if you want to increase traffic to your website and develop a group of customers who love you and your business to the exclusion of everyone else.


Source by Roberta Gerrick

Types of Social Networking Sites


Social media has become a popular way to share information and content with others. Social Networking Sites are the sites that host social media. For those new to social media, it is good to know what types of social network sites there are and what each does.


Probably one of the first sites to allow for social interaction, forums have been around for a while. Forums are typically comprised of people with a similar interest. Users have conversations around a particular given topic and build up relationships with each other. They provide a great deal of information about a topic and is a great way to share your knowledge.


People like to journal, and with the internet they wanted to share their lives more openly. Originally called web-logs, these personal journals have advanced. Some personal journals still exist, while other blogs discuss a particular niche or interest.


Similar to blogs, this is a micro journal of what is happening right now. These sites can share what is going on in an individual life or can be information the individual wants to share. Major news events are now breaking online via microblogs. The best known microblog is Twitter.


Social Networking Sites are known for sharing of information, in this case photos. Users upload their pictures to Photo Sharing Sites. Rather than having to send individual pictures to family, you send a single link. You can tag your photos with keywords related to the image and allow people to comment. Some popular photosharing sites are Flickr and Picasa.

Video Sharing

YouTube is the video sharing site that almost everyone has seen. Videos are shared online, keywords are added so people can search for those terms or for the video title. People can comment if the video owner allows. Like other forms of social media it allows for a more personal look of the actual user.


Networking has long been touted as an asset in professional circles. Networking allows the person to connect with people and by those connections meet other professionals that person knows. Professional social media allows for that type of opportunity online. Thus if you move away from your home town you can still remain connected to your ex-coworkers and others in your profession. Linked In is one of the top professional social networking sites.


After you have worked with people a while, they may become your friends. Then you have friends from church, from your school, and friends you have met in a wide variety of ways. Social networking sites are about being social, so there are sites purely for allowing users to stay in touch with people whom they know. While MySpace was the leader, the current leader is Facebook. It is growing around the world.


The major purpose of these social networking sites is the sharing of information. If you read a web page that is interesting, informative, or inspirational you may choose to bookmark it. By doing this you are saying that you like it. Your friends will learn what you liked and can choose to read it. Pages that many people bookmark become popular and drive others to that page as well. Digg, Delicious, and StumpleUpon are very popular bookmarking websites.

Other formats

There are other types of social networking sites out there, some are very similar to the ones mentioned here. Many sites have a major form of socializing and then use the other types as a other ways for users to interact. People love to socialize and interact, so this is a growing field with ever more sites.


Source by MJ Schrader

Augmenting Your Family Income


Trying to augment your monthly income becomes a necessity as the cost of living spirals. For mothers who wish to be at home with their kids it becomes increasingly difficult to bring in an extra income. There are ways and means of bringing in extra money if you are satisfied with earning small amounts from various sources. There are many ways of earning extra cash online. This method of earning a living is very common and people no longer need to fear not being paid after they have completed a job.

1) Companies pay people to read their emails. The amount is very small per email, but considering how little time it actually takes to read an email the cents will quickly add up. Every dollar you make is a dollar you would not have had.

2) In conjunction with this, do surveys for companies. Many of them pay in cash or with vouchers and freebies. Concentrate on the cash ones, and see how many companies you can add to your list. It is not difficult to participate in surveys – just think of it as being paid for giving your opinion.

3) You might enjoy blogging, which can become lucrative if you find yourself working for someone who has a regular influx of work. It is great fun researching and then writing articles about various subjects. You could even get assignments to write e-books – very interesting if you enjoy writing. It could become quite lucrative to become a professional writer online.

4) Now that doing business online has become as common as going to the office everyday, try your hand at being a virtual assistant. You might wonder how you become one – it is much the same as being a personal assistant to someone in your office situation, the only difference being that you are the “unseen” assistant.

5) Many business people prefer to pay for jobs as they get done, rather than have someone permanently on their payroll. The tasks you will be given by various clients could be very varied and this would make your day far more interesting.

6) The fact is that whatever you have to do, whether it is typing a report for someone or arranging a function you are still at home with your kids and being paid for what you do. By doing a good job for a client will result in your services being used more often and could also result in referrals.

7) To start out as a virtual assistance you will have to set up a website on which to advertise your services. Give your qualifications, capabilities and a price list for anything you are prepared to do. It might take a little time to get your business going very well, but by doing a good job you will soon be getting referrals that could result in you getting a couple of very good clients.

Remember that all the small amounts of money will add up at the end of the month.

It might sound tedious to do these jobs, but think of it this way, I would rather be spending a few hours doing something boring and knowing that I am there for my kids than to have to leave them in daycare and be working for a boss all day.


Source by Mabel Van Niekerk

Four Guerrilla Marketing Techniques Insurance Agents Should Use!


Building a clientele of insurance customers isn’t the easiest thing to do. And whether you are just starting out in the insurance industry or if you have had years of experience, it’s always good to find ways to attract customers without spending too much on your advertising expenses. That’s where guerrilla marketing can help. Guerrilla marketing is a way to advertise your services with a minimal (if any) cost to you. Here are four effective guerrilla marketing techniques you should start utilizing now to attract more customers.

  1. Paying it Forward – This technique may cost a few dollars but the returns can be huge. The next time you are at the coffee shop, the movie theater or somewhere like that, pay for the person’s ticket or coffee that is behind you. Then, give the cashier a business card to hand to that person. Even if you don’t get that person to be a client of yours, the word of mouth is going to be huge and you could reap the benefits in the near future. With this technique, keep your costs at a minimum by making sure the person behind you is an individual or a couple instead of a group or family of 5 or 6.
  2. Write a Few Guest Blogs – If you know someone who runs a blog about the type of insurance products and services you provide, you can ask if you can do some guests posts. A guest blog will get you some recognition and you can almost always include a link to your website somewhere in the blog or at the end. Guest blogging also gives you credibility in your insurance specialty which is great for business
  3. Create a Top 10 List for Promotional Purposes – People see business cards every day at the cash registers and other areas of your local businesses. In fact, they are so prevalent that most people simply don’t notice them anymore. But if you make your promotional materials unique, you will have a better chance of being noticed. Why not create a “Top 10 Reasons to Choose [your business name here] for Your Life Insurance” and put those out instead of your business cards? People love lists because they are concise and easy to read. Make your list humorous and true and you will notice an increase in your clientele in just a short time.
  4. Send Holiday Emails – Holiday emails are a great way to connect with your current customers, but why not send them to your past clients as well? They may not be using your services right now, but if they need them again, your name will be the first one they think of if you keep in touch with them. Send them emails for the appropriate holidays that they celebrate so as to not offend them and you’ll see a huge return for nothing more than just a few minutes of your time.

These are just a few techniques you can put into your advertising arsenal to help build your customer base. Of course, the more creative you can be will be a factor in how many people you will attract to your insurance products and services. Just remember that the most effective advertising techniques aren’t always the most expensive ones.


Source by Daniel Hagy

Do You Know The Creative Hobbies?


Hobby is the leisure time that we regularly spend after daily works like attending office, cooking, teaching, studying, etc. It’s a method of diversion from the monotony of routine. Pastime is the other name of the hobby. It can happen that the activity which is a pastime for one person can be a job to another person. For example, swimming a pastime for John is a Profession for Bush. Everybody should have a pastime in their daily schedule; because, this is the only way to relax, refresh and recharge the mind and body. Hobbies can be grouped under two heads a) Creative type and b) Entertainment type. The first category employs the creative skill to refresh and produces value in life. The latter category aims at pleasure as a tool to recharge a person. The most common hobbies of creative nature are discussed here.

Photography: This helps to memorize and enjoy the past events and moments of life after several years. One can share the photos through the social media and public forums. Digital cameras enable even the beginners to shoot like a professional. The only qualification required is the admiration of things around oneself. There are people who earn money from this hobby.

Poetry: Each one of us has the creativity within us. This hidden power can be explored to pen poetry by conscious attempts at it. Observations and expressions form the essence of any poetry. Reading the verses of great poets also inspires and kindles thought process. Poems can be published online to share views and gain recognition.

Painting: As this involves patience and passion, very few people pursue this hobby. However, great works of painting bring fame and name. Painting can be in any media like canvas, compact disc, metallic sheets, glass, etc.

Blogging: Anything you want to share can be done here by posting pictures, videos, snippets, articles, etc. There are many user-friendly websites providing free space and templates to start with. Of course, the netizens alone can have this hobby. The blogs with the quality contents attract more visitors. The blog authors can earn money by posting the ads of online and offline businesses.

Affiliate marketing: By merely marketing the products and services of businesses as a hobby, a person can generate income. This can be done through online and offline modes; the first requires least investment and knowledge about the Internet. The second type involves higher investment and physical handling of the merchandise.

Social service: Free coaching, Traffic regulation, Helping the Old people, Street-cleaning, etc. are some of the social activities that can be adopted as hobbies. Rendering service to the society yields multiple gains: it provides satisfaction, confidence, growth, welfare and peace. This kind of hobby becomes effective when carried out by joining hands with the like-minded people such as friends and office colleagues.

Freelancing: Undertaking work from an agency or business firm has become a hobby nowadays. Journalism, Copy-writing, Data collection, Data entry, Software designs, Supplying Goods, Consultancy and photography are some examples of this hobby. Such freelancing can be free of cost or for a fee.

The Internet provides endless opportunities to both; spend the time and earn a dime. Age is not a bar. Spirit and curiosity to learn are vital for making a hobby as productive and satisfying.


Source by Mohan Thulasingam