Business Video Conferencing – An Effective Marketing Tool


For an experienced businessman, he always knows that when it comes to closing the deal, it is always best to do it face to face with the client. Not only does this simple action show sincerity but also projects a better image of your company and show the client your commitment to that agreement. However, not all meetings can be done face to face especially for Multinational Corporations that has businesses all around the world.

This is when business video conferencing becomes an indispensable business tool. What is this form of conferencing? For those who may not be familiar with the term, this form of conferencing is a virtual meeting that is done via the internet whereby participants are able to communicate with one another in front of a screen. The scenario reenacts an exact face to face meeting and members of the meeting who could be continents apart can now easily converse as if they were sitting just next to one another.

There are several benefits when it comes to this form of conferencing. For starters, a company that uses business video conferencing will be saving their expenses especially on travel cost. That’s because the company no longer needs to send their representative all the way to meet up with the client for a meeting and can instead be done right in their office.

Apart from that, another good thing about this form of video conferencing with the other party also helps the environment by consuming less paper. Since most of the conferencing will be taking place or be done online, everything will be saved in the computer thus avoiding any wastage of paper and help preserve the environment.

This mode of conferencing is also popular because it happens to be affordable and can be easily set up. The most basic video conferencing tools would be to have a computer, a webcam and a stable internet connection. With just these simple requirements, an individual can start a video conference almost immediately.

Besides that, companies that uses this form of video conferencing service also creates more convenience and freedom both for themselves and the client. That’s because clients no longer have to rush to meetings as business video conferencing can be done anywhere; even at their own home. The same applies for the company as their staffs also no longer have to leave the office in order to meet a client. All meetings can be done swiftly and just as effectively through this method of conference communication. This not only saves time but also shortens the duration needed for a deal to be closed.

In this competitive business environment, this form of video conferencing has proved to be a crucial and mandatory service for any company that wishes to broaden their business worldwide. There is no doubt that virtual conference is now the new and effective way of conducting meetings. A manager based in China can now easily communicate with another manager in Australia or India with ease using the conferencing method via video streaming. However, there is the case of different time zones so each person will be having the meeting at different times. An acceptable sacrifice considering the amount of money and time saved from business video conferencing.


Source by Lucas Mattioneli