Build and Grow Rich – 3 New Strategies For Building Minisites the Search Engines Will Love


The old adage “If you build it, they will come” no longer works on the internet – and it has not worked for a long time.

There are, however, three “new and improved” strategies that can be used to build websites that the search engines love and will bring increased traffic & visitors to your pages quickly.

The first strategy is the “divide & conquer” approach. This method entails building a massive amount of mini-sites that have links back to your main site – the one you are trying to build traffic for. Mini Websites are typically small sites containing 8 pages or less. The main use of mini websites used to be for for affiliate marketing, where small sales sites (mini-sites) are specially created to sell/promote a particular product or service.

There are plenty of pitfalls to this approach, including building too many sites too fast which will lead to your sites being de-indexed or flagged as spam. However, using this new strategy you can build minisites specifically tailored to show content related to a specific subject, thus attracting advertising revenue and traffic.

For example, if you are building a web presence focusing on minisites, you might want to build 100+ smaller sites that all link together to increase each other’s traffic. There are many great tools available online that can help you launch these small sites quickly.

The second strategy relies heavily on Google’s well-documented and highly publicized PageRank methodology. Google keeps it’s algorithms highly secret, but it has published it’s PageRank methodology in it’s filings with the SEC. PageRank is the key – the rosetta stone – of Google’s search algorithm. Links are important to Google, Yahoo and MSN in determining where your site is placed within the search results.

As you probably know, the more links, the better you will place. The engines place a weighting factor on each link. That is, a link from an important site like would count for a lot more than your Aunt Mabel’s personal homepage. Tactically improving the PageRank – or, more generically, your “link gain” across all the major engines – of your homepage and of key internal pages of your site is critical to being well-ranked and thus getting traffic.

By building, cultivating and adding inbound links from high PageRank sites, you can increase the value of your own pages’ rank.

For example, once again let’s assume you are trying to build a name for yourself in the minisite niche. By gaining backlinks and recognition from sites that have a Pagerank (or “PR” for short) of 4 or more, you will ensure that your minisite will get plenty of traffic as well as an increased weighting in the search engine results.

Finally, there is a third strategy – one that is actually a combination of the first two, but with a little twist. Focus on the high PR sites, and try to gain as many backlinks as you can, while also building minisites around the same topic. However, the twist here is to have the high PR sites link to your mini-sites – NOT the main site you are trying to promote!

By building high PR inbound links to your minisites, you are essentially making those inbound links to YOUR site that much more valuable.

To recap, you should build a network of minisites, link back to those mini sites with inbound links from high PageRank sites around the web, then have links from those mini sites, back to your main “Cash Cow” website.

This may sound incredibly complex, but it is a strategy that works, and it has worked well over the past year as many internet entrepreneurs have used it to build a healthy six-figure incomes from online advertising and affiliate networks.


Source by Cam Forbes