Are You Copywriting Or Creating Content?


Before heading to the difference between both terms, you need to get the meaning of Copywriting and Content Marketing. Content marketing means creating and sharing free content to attract and convert visitors into the buyers. Copywriting is the dedicated content that is to grab the attention of the reader and to induce them to make a purchase or to subscribe newsletter. Content marketing includes blog posts, podcasts, and email. Copywriting includes sales pages, ads and direct mail. Both are actually same thing only if you are doing them in a right way.

Some blogs are actually the centre of attraction but some lacks like dull heading, unclear content, etc. might drop your positivity. If you are writing some great piece of articles people love to read that but if you are still not getting generous traffic the problem might be too serious.

Things To Consider Before Starting With Copywriting:-

  • Headings Are Too Dull: When your headings are too boring and people avoid you like TV commercials, you seriously need to work on your headings. This is the most curial thing in your content to keep your visitors stick through it. Flinging yourself into the words to create an interesting customer-oriented content can take you to the goals. Set your mind so that you will not end up hanging on by your fingernails.
  • Your Content Is Lack Of Building Trust: The posts that are way to interesting and actually relate the heading builds the trust better among the audience. It is necessarily important to convert the visitors into the customers when you are doing content marketing in a right way. Before writing about something, have it on the brain for a while so that you can hit the bulls-eye.
  • Your Content Is Unclear: If you fail to impress the visitors what you have in your store you lose some good customers. Being clear with the content is as important as to eat, sleep and breathe something. Your love for writing content should reach the fever pitch so that to become well-known as a copywriter. It should be in your blood, sweat and tears to overcome the flaws.
  • Your Content Fails To Benefit The Audience: When you have started with a dedicated topic just stick through it and remember to end with the same. Like a product has numerous benefits for the buyer, your content has to be inherently rewarding for the readers so that they will come back to your website.
  • You Consider Long Content Is Just Waste Of Time: A versatile writer knows the value of the words but if you think you are way too long with the words it could be your nightmare. The article carrying deep information about something stays longer than the brief content.

Always remember to avoid these mistakes to make your copywriting as well as content marketing a piece of attraction.


Source by Gunjan Singh